Queen’s VII’th Update…

It’s been raining non-stop for three days and I’m starting to feel a little haggard.

On a good note… this blog continues to gain momentum and I’m making fans on an international level.  (Not just because Little-One is in Dubai, my cousin Tina is in Singapore, my cousin Susan is in the UK and my Aunt Brenda is in Qatar either!)  Take the last few days for example, besides my regular North American readers and friends and family with adventurous lives… I’ve readers from Egypt, Spain, Brazil, India, Norway, Australia and Hungary (admittedly the reader from New Delhi found me by accident but I’m counting her anyway!)  I’m thinking about getting a map with push pins to start tracking where you’re located… I might even learn some geography from it and start planning my next holiday away from this rain!  Seriously, I’m beginning to contemplate building an ark!

It’s been a busy month… though which one isn’t?  Weeks fly by and I’m left shaking my head wondering how time is escaping me.

I still haven’t made it over to Sears to pick up a Christmas Wish Book.  I’m trying to bring some new traditions into my home but I’m failing hard.  I picked up a few ornaments this week and it’ll be full on Christmas music in my house starting December 1st… but I’ll wait until after Remembrance Day to start the decorating.  The Halloween stuff is taken down and put away for another year… my kids might have made fun of me once or twice… but I think secretly they like it!  A group of us had a great time going to a Halloween party dressed as Chilean Miners!  One person would yell Chi Chi Chi followed by a round of Le Le Le!  Lots of fun with a great group of people who I sincerely wouldn’t have an issue being trapped with for 69 days!
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With the holiday’s approaching… I’d like to remind you that my son is selling wreathes for his hockey fundraising.  So far, every neighbour on my cul de sac is going to have the same wreathe on their front door!  Send me a note and drop off your twenty five bucks… I’ll add your name to the list!
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Speaking of fundraising… the fella hangin’ out in his tighty whites finally got to put some pants on! I was mesmerized with this site for a few days.  I was watching it live when he reached his $50,000 goal and it was quite a touching moment.  He threw confetti bombs in the air and sprayed himself with silly string… it was truly obvious how thrilled he was.  A few minutes later, walking around his apartment, I noticed that there was a piece of silly string hanging from his bum. I focused on that piece of string for quite some time but eventually had to get off my couch and put some pants on.  I’m not sure what happened in the end… but I guess he’s home now and probably thinking up his next endeavor!  Congrats to Mark and Stanfields on a successful fundraising venture… call me if you need a wreathe… I’ve my own fundraising going on!
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Oh… and still on fundraising… my Dad jumped on board raising money for prostate cancer and is growing a moustache for Movember! I got a real kick out of it when I dropped by his house a few days after I wrote the post and low and behold… there was his stache! Crazy guy’d do anything for me.  Send him a donation and note on his Mo Site to encourage him… like he’s always encouraged me… and every single person he’s ever known!
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There’s been lots of discussion about the fact that I never won a trip at the Fall Fair… but on a good note several new new readers are finding the blog by searching the Internet about the trip scam.  Anyway, turns out the company may be legit… albeit shady.  They offer “discount” vacations and a few folk have even been pleasantly surprised by their cheapy vacation… however, their business practices are appalling!  Seriously… don’t phone me and tell me I won a freakin’ vacation… and when I question your scam act all surprised and convince me I’m the one and only winner using another organizations good name to drag me in… then hang up on me when I tell you I don’t have a visa!  You people suck.  I don’t care if some people buy your discount vacation and have an ok trip… how you went about it with me and many others was wrong!  Just for the record though… if you’re still running the Harley contest and you pull my name from the hat… call me.
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I found a permanent home for my knight’s helmet.  It’s in the bathroom with the rest of the silly things I’ve gathered through the years.  Plus, I might as well keep it in the same room I keep my throne.  I’ve taken all of your advice and thought I’d give this online dating thing a try!  So far I’m receiving a lot of comments about how funny I am and what a “refreshing” profile I have… no dates yet… but they sure think I’m amusing and as Crazy says… everyone loves a clown!!!  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’ve a few funny stories I could share already… but I’m thinking maybe I should keep them to myself… at least for the moment anyway!
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Both my youngn’s are happily uninjured at the moment.  My boy is enjoying the checking and I’m starting to get used to idea.  I’m not real interested in having a goon for a son… but sometimes you gotta take what you get!  My youngest is back to cantering and jumping.  Like all riders, she has the belief that if you’re not willing to come off the horse, you may as well not get on.  I’m not so comfortable.  I saw the crazy fall… and while it wasn’t a bad one physically… it was bad enough for this mama to be worried each and every time my darling saddles up.  I can’t protect them from everything I guess… but I sure can try.  It’s hard making the right decisions for these kids.  I can’t stop thinking of Demi Lovato’s mama… sweet little thing… hope she’s ok.
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I’ve spent some time taking care of myself this last month too… but the cough is still here!  Thankfully the pneumonia is cleared though!  My two weeks of laying on the couch made me realize I’m not missing much on TV.  I know the pig and monkey video was really annoying… but whatever… that’s the mood I was in with the “monkey on my back” and all!  I’m back on my feet and looking for some adventure… so seriously… if you’ve got something interesting I should blog about… let me know!
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Parent teacher meeting was a great success.  I love hearing how great my kids are doing and it’s not just my younger two either… my oldest is pulling off great marks at X and while she’s not loving being away from me (yeah I know… her boyfriend… whatever…) she seems to be enjoying her classes at least!  So far we’re running an A average… and I say “we” cause I’m pretty sure I’m helping her do it… somehow… even though I haven’t sent her a care package yet and have no idea what she’s talking about when she tells me an essay topic!  But still… I’m doing my part!
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Don’t you people buy books?? I wrote about the “Dragon” series… which were quite fascinating books and I think you should all read them (check out the tab at the top of the page).  Don’t even think about borrowing my copies… go buy some books through my new Chapters online site so I can have some money for Christmas gifts!  In fact, if you or anyone you know would like to advertise on the site… just let me know… I sure could use the support.  Click on the folks you see on the right hand side to find out more about the generous companies backing me up!  Then go to my online Chapters site and get shopping with free shipping for orders over $25!!
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Speaking of support… you guys are awesome.  I received many comments and emails about not celebrating my divorce.  Apparently I made a few of you cry.  (Sorry about that.)  It’s never really my intention to make you cry but I can usually tell when it’s going to happen as those are the posts that I’m tearing up with each and every word I write.  I’m hoping there are many more funny posts ahead… I need to laugh a bit more… take life a little lighter than it’s been!  I’m jumping in with both feet now… taking a walk on the wild side… kicking up my heals.  If you hear of a party… drag me along!  There’s a whole new world out there and I’m ready to discover it!  I’m heading out this week to pick up a new charm for my Pandora… not really sure which charm depicts the new adventures ahead… but I’m sure I’ll find one that’s simply perfect.  Thing is… this last year and a half… I’ve been driving full speed ahead while spending my time looking out the rear view mirror.  It’s time I looked out the front window to see what’s ahead… there might be a few bumpy roads in front of me… but at least I’ll be going forward!
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I guess that’s about it for the Queen’s Update.  Oh… to my friend Tracey… yes… you are one of the friends who “you know who you are”.  I’d throw some surprises your way if ever I were to hit the jackpot as you’ve been a great support to me!  I love that you read every day and always have something lovely to say when I run into you!  I write this blog for many reasons… and there’s nothing better than the encouragement you get from friends along the way.  Keep reading all of you.  Make your comments, become a facebook fan and share the posts you like with your friends… it really motivates me to write.  While it’s pretty thrilling to see a visitor from a country I’ve never heard of… there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing how many of you are reading from right here at home!  I don’t need to win the millions to realize how truly blessed I am!