22 Minutes…

 I enjoyed a great evening out with the funniest and most serious people all in the same night.

If you ever get a chance to go to a live tnaping of “This Hour has 22 Minutes“… Go!  First of all they serve wine!  Second… there’s nothing in this world more entertaining than news parody.  Some of the topics I was “up” on… many I had no idea about… but the looks on the faces and the personalities of the 22 minutes crew were priceless.

How they put the show together was enjoyable to watch… but better than that… the foolishness and conversations off camera were a riot.  Mark Critch’s discussion of growing up in Newfoundland was fabulous… Cathy Jones nearly killed me with her antics and facial expressions… Gavin Crawford has come a long way from lifting the drawbridge on the Friendly Giant… and Geri Hall… your jacket was lovely… but I do admit it did look a little like the velveteen rabbit!

Thanks to Cathy, Mark, Gavin and Geri for a great evening of entertainment.  And to Gwen… for getting the tickets and inviting me along.

With five of us full of laughter and spirit, we headed to Durty Nelly’s to continue the fun.  I’d not been there for awhile and walking through the front doors was a little like coming home.

We grabbed a table and settled in for an enjoyable evening.  It was “Trivia Night”… and while I’m usually not entertained by such things… we were in the mood!  We’d just come from brilliantly minded people enjoying poking fun at the world around them… and we were ready to show our best!

We were sandwiched between two tables of trivia buffs… who were taking this game very seriously.  Our laughter was definitely bothersome to them… and apparently we spoke out of turn a few times.  Fact is… pharmacology has nothing to do with farms but it made us laugh like total morons… we were having fun!

Shame of all… we had smart phones in our presence… and a crowd of rather serious boys were positive we were “cheating” and called us out for our rudeness.  We were there to be entertained… and I’m pretty sure I didn’t make a friend when I told one of the serious fella’s that effective immediately I was taking him off my online dating “hotlist”.

All in all… it was a fabulous night with some great ladies.  I hope to do it again but next time… I”m hauling the cast of 22 to trivia night with me!  I can just imagine the fun it would be.