Life’s a beach…

It’s been two lovely nights by myself… relaxing.  In a pretty little cottage by the beach.  A few magazines… wine… crackers and cheese.  The fireplace and music warming the room around me.

I’ll do it again sometime.  Just maybe without the seventeen hockey players and their parents seconds from my door!

Fifty five of us spent the weekend hanging out in beach cottages for some team bonding… tournament style.  My “off-kid” weekend with my kids in a cottage just a few doors away from me.


The hockey is great, the parents are lovely… the kids simply irresistible!  Running around, playing tag, using a clam shell as a hockey puck on the front deck.  Dancing to music blaring from cars, playing soccer on the soggy grass… running and playing… giggling… dragging mud into my cottage as they reach for gummy bears by the handful off my kitchen table… put there so they could run in with muddy feet and grab them by the handful! 

Another hour of this heaven… my feet on the coffee table… a cup of tea in my hand… the sun streaming through the window.  I’ll pack up… head to the rink for the final game… cheer for gold.  Then drive back home… where I’ll wait for my kids to return from their weekend with their father.

A glorious few days on the beach in a cottage by myself… with my children… just a gummy bear away.

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