Picture this…

Dear Mr. Sweetandfunny:

Just wanted you to know that my pics are FANTASTIC.  I’m smiling, happy and beautiful in every single one of them especially the one with me, Gib, Crazy and Prada.  Hell… I’d date me just for the fabulous women who tag along for the ride!  (Oh, and just so you know, recently I’ve been invited to join an exclusive and fabulous Dinner Club with option to bring a guest from time to time… I’m one helluva catch!)

Since you did get me thinking about it… I admit, I could lose a few pounds.  Alright… more than a few.

The thing is, 60 pounds fell of my body in the first year after my marriage broke up.  With the exception of one person who was a little naive, I explained to everyone that I was following the “Coors Light and Ice Cap Diet”… as truly that’s what I survived on!  For the other person I fibbed.  I told him I was going to one of those “vibration” gyms where you rigged yourself up to “exercise machines” that shook the weight off you while you relaxed.  He was pretty impressed and said “Really?”… to which I responded sarcastically with a “No!”

Stress does some weird and wonderful things to a person and while I thought I’d be the one to fill up on chocolate and potato chips… I just couldn’t breathe let alone swallow… and there were several months I couldn’t keep anything down at all.  So… the first year I lost a lot of weight, but this year I’ve put fifteen back on.  Maybe even twenty but for arguments sake lets just say fifteen!

I’m not thrilled to have the few pounds sneaking back on and for my health I’d really like to have more come off.  Suffice it to say I’m no longer on the “Coors Light and Ice Caps Diet”.  I’ve moved on to comfort foods and it’s time for a change!

Two thousand eleven is my year to shine and I’m so excited about it I’m starting a few weeks early!  As of today I’ve officially become a card carrying member of the “Weight Watchers” program.  I’ve joined online, filled in my information, set some goals and I’m tracking my points.  Doing it for me!

So, Mr. Not-so-Sweet-and Nowhere-Near-Funny… I’ll add some new pics in a few months but you should know I’m not interested!  I’m perfect the way I am… I’m a great gal looking for someone to treat me with the respect I deserve… weight on or off.  I’m looking for someone sweet and someone funny and frankly… you don’t fit the bill.

Plus… I think you’re a little too tall… and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about that!


5 Replies to “Picture this…”

  1. So very proud of you for joining WW online, AND before the holidays ramp up I might add! It's with your attitude that you'll see the weight fall off – even without the Coors Light and Ice Caps! If you ever want to attend an inspirational meeting, I'll see you Sunday morning at 9am with tea in hand 😉 xoxo

  2. I am so proud of you too! After my 2 babies I have joined 4 weeks ago and LOVE IT! I never miss a meeting and if you ever need motivation CALL ME!!! xoxoxoxox

  3. Wow… My first weigh in is tonight! I'm a little scared. I had been doing so well before, lost 50 pounds! But have gained 30 back. Not proud of myself, but like you, know that it starts with me. Soooooo… my new mantra starting today: "NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS".

  4. Hey thanks for all the support everyone! I've quickly discovered that I don't eat enough! So at the moment this isn't bothering me too much. We'll see how things go at Crazy's Christmas Party this weekend though! That will be the true test! Hey Kat… how'd you do?