House of gimps…

I have a great desire to find a wholesale bubble wrap distributor and wrap my children in layer upon layer of the regularly spaced, protruding, air-filled hemispheres providing extra cushioning for my precious and breakable treasures.

Just imagine the sound of a hug!

Three of us are broken, limping, icing, hot bathing and popping pills… it’s unbelievably ridiculous.

My boy… gimpy from a game the other night where he had two or three players on him every time he touched the ice.  Unable to make a move, pass a puck, get out of any one’s way… hit after hit after hit… the team doing everything possible to keep him off the puck.  He was sore from head to toe.  Pulled muscle in his shoulder.  Broken finger.  Spirit just a little bit squashed.

My girl… gimpy from another riding fall.  A mishap in the ring with a horse that just doesn’t like being too close to other horses turned into spooked ponies and four kids on the ground.  All was settled in no time with riders back on their feet and horses calmed down.  My youngest tumbled off the side of her favorite pony with not much of a fall… but landed abruptly on her arm.  A trip to the IWK today confirmed there wasn’t a break but a case of  lateral epicondylitis… othewise known as tennis elbow… not from repeated smacking of a yellow furry ball but a single trauma to the elbow.  Swollen.  No riding for a week.  Spirit just a little bit squashed.

Me… gimpy from that fall a month ago.  Still hobbling along and things getting worse to the point of having to lift my leg into the car.  A visit to the doctor today has me on a stronger pain medication, muscle relaxants, physio and a few hot baths a day.  Spirit just a little bit squashed.

And finally… a night where we have nothing at all on the go.  Three of us in pyjamas.  A wonderful meal ahead of us.  We’ll curl up by the fire and watch a movie together and I swear to God if one more thing happens, I’m wrapping them in plastic and marching them off to oboe lessons!

Then again… I might wrap them anyway.  Think of the fabulous sound the bubbles would make as my boy is hit repeatedly against the boards or my youngest is dropped from a horse… that’s pure bubble popping entertainment!

Bubble Wrap… providing pleasure while protecting treasure for 50 years!

One Reply to “House of gimps…”

  1. Finally, I know what to get you for Christmas.
    Only, what do you pack bubble wrap in, to keep it safe?