Qwoppin’ out…

Do you know I’ve started seven different posts?  Seven boring, horrible, whiny, BLAH, posts about absolutely nothing.

I’ve hit a complete block.

In the meantime, while that’s going on… I’ve two trees up, presents purchased. and wrapped, items checked off my to do list, tv shows watched and deleted from my PVR, two broken kids nursed back to health, five pounds lost and pysio started.

But as far as the blog goes… I’m blocked.

I’m boring at the moment.  The discomfort in my hip is taking over every extra bit of available energy I have and I’m just not interested in whining about it.  Repeatedly.  Maybe the meds aren’t helping my head stay straight… plus I want pie.

I’ve been playing QWOP.

I can make an online runner move his calves and thighs with the Q, W, O and P keys on my keyboard and after multiple tries I made it to 23.4 meters.  See if you can go further… it’s really hard!!!!  If you manage to get the guy’s legs moving send me a note and let me know what you can do to get mine working!

And bring me some pie.

I gotta do someting about this block!

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