Queen’s 8th update…

With the season upon us I’m having a difficult time getting things done let alone keeping up on my blog!  (Serious apologies for those who read every day but consider it my way of giving you extra time to shop!)

We’ve two trees up and decorated!  The traditional full tree in the living room with our treasured ornaments and a skinny one in the family room with snowmen and snowflakes.  I LOVE taking the ornaments out each year.  Wonderful stories and memories tied up in blown glass and sparkle.  Tradition goes that each year on Christmas Eve, I give each of my children an ornament to represent the previous year.  My hope is that some day they’ll take all of those treasures to their own homes… and maybe even continue the tradition with their families.  This year, for the first time ever, the two youngest won’t be with me on Christmas Eve… so they’ll get their new ornaments on the 23rd!  A visit to peruse all of the beautiful ornaments at Thornbloom this week has me completely ready for the big night.

There’s cleaning and baking to do but I’ve most of the presents purchased and wrapped so aside from shopping and decorating here’s what’s been going on…

I heard from Mr. Sweetandfunny… and again, I’ll paraphrase.
Sweetandfunny – “Hey!  R u there?”
Me – “Yup.”
Sweetandfunny – “I just looked at your picture again.  R u the 1 with the long straight hair?”
Me – “Yup”
Sweetandfunny – “Shit!  I messed up.  I thought you were one of those other girls in the picture.”
Me – “Nope, that’s Gib, Crazy and Prada.”
Sweetandfunny – “You wanna go out sometime.  Your really HOT!”
Me – (Ignoring his use of the word “Your”.) “So… you don’t think my girlfriends are hot?”
Sweetandfunny – “Not at all.  I think ur smokin’.  And you’ve got great hair!”
Me – “Really?  ‘Cause I’m looking for a guy who doesn’t think any of my girlfriends are attractive.  Tell me, would you be interested in dating any of my friends… ever?”
Sweetandfunny – “Hell no!”
Me – “I think I just felt a butterfly!
OK, whatever.  None of that happened.
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I went to the Physiotherapist for “trauma to my hip joint” after my fall last month.  Apparently that damn mat without the grip underneath has caused the muscles around my hip to seize and my hip flexors to rebel.  It’ll be a few more weeks before I’m no longer favoring one side, no longer limping and no longer in pain.  I’ve not been to a Physiotherapist before.  Did anyone else know it’s a gym?  And you’re supposed to wear shorts?  And shave?
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Heard from the Bubble Wrap people.  They’re sending a sample package!
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Still haven’t received my prints from Aunt Mandi at Aid for Aidan but from everything I understand they’ve been really busy!  A few folks ordered prints and I’m sure they’re going to be wonderful.  I thought I’d give it a try and start drawing my own monster to see if it helps.  So far it’s a scary, freaky thing with an elongated chin, fang-like teeth, a blackened heart and a horrible growl.  Grrrrrr….. creepy.
Post: “Bravely battling the beast…”

Got a thank you note from “Nerdy Apple Bottom”… the one who wrote the blog about her son who dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween.  She said thank you.
Post: “Why i write…”

Cleaned out my cupboards, changed my summer tires and bought a new pair of shoes.
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Weight Watchers is going well.  I’ve not been hungry with the exception of the one night I wanted Pie but that was more to do with QWOP.  (I have no idea how that relates to Pie but if I do the six degrees of separation the letter P makes the runner’s calf move, a calf is a baby cow, cow rhymes with bow, bow is the sound that comes from a dog, we had a dog named Pumpkin… and that reminds me of Pie.)  I lost five pounds.  And again, “pound” reminds me of my dog.  Great… now I want Pie again.
Post:  “Picture this…”

Tomorrow is Thursday and I don’t have kids.  Got any plans?
Post:  “Plans for thursday night…”

My eldest is rebounding from the loss of an old friend, only to find out another friend died yesterday while working as an au Pair in Germany.  At this point, I just want my girl home for the holidays… just so she knows how much she’s loved.
Post:  “Number seven…”

And with that, here’s what I’ve put a lot of thought into lately.  The holidays aren’t exactly a joyous time for everyone.  Everything from financial stress, heartache, loneliness and grief… struggles though the holidays made even worse by… well…. the holidays (not to mention the holiday music!)  The fact is, Christmas used to mean the world to me… full of family and traditions and love.  Then my marriage broke up over one stormy Christmas and I’m left with… well… I’m left with family, traditions and love.  Only this time, I’m profoundly grateful for everything I have and everyone who’s in my life.

Take a peek around and reach out to someone who might need a little extra love to get them through the next few weeks.  Maybe even bring them some pie!