Feelin’ naughty…

Dear Santa:

I’ve been a really good girl but the problem is…. I’m really not interested in being good anymore.

I’m trying my best to keep my inside voice in but there’s stuff trying to blurt out of me… and oddly enough… a whole lot of insane laughter is scratching just beneath the surface. (It’s possible that being a good girl makes you a little crazy!)

For the record… I was trying to parallel park when I gave that man the finger and I’ve never been very good at parallel parking!

Also… I know I’m not supposed to put junk mail back into the post box.  But seriously, is there any need for that many pizza coupons?  I was hoping for Christmas cards.  Preferably with money in them.  So… I guess you can understand my disappointment and need to rid myself of the crap I didn’t want.

That goes for the garbage I flicked out of my car window as well.

Oh… that person who snagged my parking spot at the supermarket today really made me mad.  Santa…in case you can hear me thinking… is it really that awful I wanted to bump his car with mine?  Just a little?  And yeah… I know you’re supposed to put the cart back in the cart corral.

Seriously though… can you hear me thinking?  ‘Cause for the record… I wouldn’t put poison in any one’s food.

Or cat pee.

You know… I’m really finding this “good girl” stuff to be tough… and besides… I think it’s time for a change so if it’s alright with you… I’m jumpin’ over to the naughy list for next year.  There’s no point checking the list… or checking it a second time.

I’ll definitely be there.

Love Queen