Swipe the other way…

Swipe to the left. No… the other left.  Towards me.  No the other way.  Is that a chip card?

Good Lord why hasn’t someone invented a machine that accepts the debit card either way?  And seriously… don’t bother watching me.  I’ll swipe my card and GUESS WHAT?  If it doesn’t take… let’s just go with the idea that I’ll turn it around and try the other way all by my little lonesome!

I was on the way to the supermarket yesterday to buy baking supplies when I realized I hadn’t transferred money into my eldest’s account and she was on her way to the mall to do me a favor… so I headed home for a little online banking.  I pulled in the driveway for a quick dart in the house… no sense taking my purse in with me as I was only going to be a second… unlocked the house, gave the dog a pat, opened my computer, went to my bank account and low and behold the card number was empty.  Seems the “cookie” forgot me.

Just another reminder I don’t have my baking done!

There I was… having to enter in my bank card information all over again and guess where the card is?  Yup… you guessed… in the purse in the car.  Out I go again to open the car and get my purse but yup… car was locked.  How brilliant of me!  Back in… keys… back out… a quick reach into my purse followed by a momentary panic as the card was nowhere to be found!  A search through the purse, on the floor, in the side pocket… and lastly… my pocket.

Yeah… my pocket.  Apparently it was in the house with me the entire time I was trying to fill out the banking information into my “cookie forgetting” computer.

Which again reminds me I really need to get my baking done.

Back in to fill in the card information, click on “remember me” so I don’t have to go through this again, choose to accept “cookies” on my computer, transfer the money to my daughter while trying desperately to keep my eyes from seeing the final balance in my own account and head back to the car.

My quick trip home was longer than expected but I managed to get back up to the supermarket, get all of my baking supplies and back to the checkout where surprise of all surprises my card won’t work!

Swipe the other way.  No… towards me.  Oh… is it a chip card?  Ummm…. are you sure that’s a bank card?

Crap, sorry… no it’s my Visa.  Just a second let me get my bank card.  Panic…. where the hell did I leave my bank card?  Yeah… you guessed it… next to the freakin’ computer at home!

I used my Visa.

Chances are there wasn’t enough money in my account anyway.

Thank God I’m finished shopping… I’ve got baking to do.

4 Replies to “Swipe the other way…”

  1. Way too many references to "Cookie" I really……really get irritated when I hear the mention of "Cookie" ……just sayin…great blog though

  2. Must say… that word irritates me to no end as well… however, personal references to my hate of the word cookie were not intended! Though now that you mention it… I could have made the post much more interesting!

  3. SO funny! I've been ranting about this a lot lately. Must be the holiday shopping. I actually had a kid behind the checkout at Zellers roll his eyes at me because I am obviously a total moron, and dared to swipe my chip card. Good grief. Imagine being EIGHTY and trying to figure all of it out! I'm thinking about carrying cash from now on. The kid at Zellers probably wouldn't even recognize it.