Jenny jenny bo benny…

Lately a few of you have told me that you read my blog EVERY DAY.  It has me feeling halfway between “pleasantly surprised” and “stalked”…but I’m leaning more towards “pleasantly surprised.”

Ever since I started blogging I’ve discovered a whole new world. Some blogs I read once a week…the odd occasion…here and there…but others I simply don’t miss. In fact, there’s one in particular that stands out from the rest of the crowd… “The Bloggess“, written by Jennifer Lawson.

I read her daily, I follow her on Twitter, I follow other blogs she writes and I’m a fan on Facebook. (Talk about STALKER!)  She’s amazing in a hilarious twisted dark sort of way… she pokes fun at things you’d never think of making fun of until suddenly the shock of it has you spitting tea out your nose from laughing so hard.  It’s like holding in your laughter at a funeral when you know you shouldn’t be laughing but someone beside you just said something so oddly twisted you can’t really help yourself! She’s not mean and not vulgar (although she regularly drops the F-Bomb and remember I would too if I wasn’t so afraid of getting grounded!) Not everyone will enjoy her humor but it’s right up my alley in that “she’s not really right in the head but then again neither am I” kind of way.

It’s Jenny I strive to write like someday…but quite sure I never will. Every inhibition dropped without a fear in the world of offending anyone because those people who hate her just give her more to laugh and write about. Sometimes I read her then start to write my own post and find I’m writing somewhat like her in a weird crazy way…almost like picking up some one’s accent. I do that too. But in a nice way…it just kind of happens…it’s not like I’m trying to steal your identity or something it’s just you’ve been speaking all Irish or Indian or Chinese or Newfoundlandish and it just starts coming out of me and I can’t help myself.

You really have to get into reading for a bit to get a feeling for who she is…why she likes zombies and pandas and taxidermy. She’s odd. And quirky. Lives in Texas. Has crippling arthritis, a daughter, a husband named Victor and a cat who despite everything she says is not on drugs. Though none of this makes any sense if you don’t follow Jenny…but it would…if you did.

Jenny has a HUGE following…I’m talking 500,000 hits a month or more compared to my approximate 500 (but growing). She has over 80,000 fans on Twitter alone which beats the crap out of my 17!  This Christmas…Jenny’s blog “The Blogess” did something pretty amazing. With one sweet gesture to give away 30 gift certificates to needy families (from the proceeds of a ridiculously funny Christmas Card she’d designed), Jenny’s blog started getting multiple comments from her fan base and suddenly she was matching up people who wanted to give with people in need and multiple thousands of dollars passed back and forth all through blog comments. It was one of the most wonderful acts of giving I have ever witnessed.

She’s like that…she gets more comments than any blog I’ve seen yet.  Her fans have bonded with her. They like her. They know her. I’m happy I read her everyday and that she’s become part of my world.

So…follow Jenny for a few days if you’d like… and chances are some of you will get hooked like me ’cause if you like me… you’ll surely like her.

It’s amazing as a blogger to know there are so many people who like you.  It’s weird and odd and nice in a strange stalky kind of way that whenever I run into someone whose read my blog they talk about it like we’re the best of friends because…well…we kind of are.  Crazy as it may sound…as much as some of you feel the need to read my blog everyday…I need you to be reading my blog everyday.

Before I sign off…one thing about my 17 twitter fans I’d like to mention is that Jann Arden is one of them!!!  Imagine that! Jann Arden is following me on Twitter and from what I can tell (though it’s hard to wade through over 80,000 names), she’s not following Jenny!!!  Except that…well…Ellen is…and Barrack Obama is.

I’ll get back to you!

4 Replies to “Jenny jenny bo benny…”

  1. I read everyday. And it makes me smile.

    If you're looking for another blog to read that will make you laugh due to it's crazy weirdness, try Hyperbole and a Half. The pictures she draws are enough to keep you in stitches.


  2. I don't miss a single one of her posts! The "Kenny Loggins Christmas" alone and "Dog" have kept me in stitches many times! I planned on telling everyone about her in another post! There's a few others like it I don't miss. You and I have the same twisted humor Kat!

  3. oh god, did you see the one about the dogs when she moved??? I almost wet myself at work. I'm sure people here think I have issues because I'm the one in the corner trying so hard not to laugh it comes out as snorty whines…