Life is good…

Life feels different divorced.  Not sure what it is… maybe just my head space but last night I felt like a totally different person… lighter… happier… a mood unlike any I’ve had in a long time. For the first time in forever I felt… free.  And not one but two girlfriends totally unrelated to one another told me they noticed the difference. 

We started at the Lower Deck for the matinee with Paul Lamb. A few laughs with a couple of great girlfriends who are absolutely hilarious belting out Sweet Caroline and Maggie May and bringing out each other’s best comedic moments. Possibly silly… more than likely ridiculous… but oh so very much fun!

I should probably tell you about Paul but I talked about Bono and Matt Mays this week and I’m starting to feel like an entertainment reporter except the things is… Paul can really stick a smile on your face. Not just carry a tune but all out get you in the mood for a great night.  He’s a barrel of laughs evident from the hard to miss giggle he lets out from time to time as something catches his eye from the stage.  He’s captivating, not too shabby to look at and totally at home behind his twelve string making me desperately wish I knew how to play.  He grabbed a drink with us between sets and we had a ball.

We headed up to Durty Nelly’s to meet up with a few more friends and a great number of single guys… each of us being the other’s wing man and failing miserably at the task.  Laughter abound, friendships and singing and foolishness. Just one of the great ones to get you through the next slump and hope to repeat soon.

Then again… the way I’m feeling… it’s possible the slumps are over with. Everything is looking up my friends!

Drop by the Lower Deck to see Paul Lamb and Wreckhouse playing all next week. Whatever’s going on in your life will surely change with a bit of live music… a few friends… and a shitload of laughter!