Bouquet Radiante…

A year and a half ago, when my friend Maria came to my door with a huge canvas, painted by her father, I didn’t know how to begin to thank her. It was a gift for the future…for happier days.

Every single day I look at my Valverde and I smile. It brightens the room…brightens me…representing all that is good and wonderful in this world. All I aspire to be.

José Antonio Valverde-Alcalde is a spectacular artist. Born in Spain, he keeps a home in Chester, painting images with a Spanish flair.  I’ve admired his work for many years and someday hope to not only fill my home with his art but to visit Spain and see for myself what inspires him to be so creative.

Last night I walked into a room where not one but a hundred Valverde’s (ok it was more like 6) warmed the room. I was in awe and immediately happy with where I was…with the people I was with…where I am in this world.

Thank you Maria for giving me your gift of hope when I felt despair, brightness when I saw only dark, faith when I didn’t believe and friendship when I needed it the most. Your material gift represents so much more than the vibrant colors on the canvas and I can honestly tell you that every hope you had for my “happier tomorrows” has come true. I feel as happy and full of life as the beautiful bouquet you brought to my home. Everything you told me…everything you wished…is here.

José’s beautiful paintings can be seen on his website or in person at Moorings Gallery in Mahone Bay.  His sailing pictures are truly breathtaking… though admittedly I get lost in his colorful paintings of flowers and images of inviting and warm “rooms”… as there’s nothing more important to me than family and a sense of “home”.  Maria, his wonderful daughter and my friend, has inherited her father’s passion.  Her paintings often involve images of people and combine the uniqueness of her Spanish heritage and Nova Scotia upbringing.  Her work can also be found at Moorings Gallery.

3 Replies to “Bouquet Radiante…”

  1. This is so beautiful. I had tears in my eyes as you shared your story, today.

    Just beautiful.

    People are good. : )