Where’s the beach…

Every one’s talkin’ about the fact that Sheen’s gone all loopy… well… I haven’t seen a thing.  My TV’s been tuned to kids shows and sports for days now with kids in the house.

It was great and all… the Canada Games and the excitement through our city… catching a few concerts and a couple of sporting events but I’m just not sure it warranted two weeks off while folks took the opportunity to get the hell out of here and head for tropical locations… leaving me pissed off, cold and with a nasty case of “tan envy”.

I’d do anything for a trip right now and in hindsight… should have taken one with everyone else who had the sense to head for the sunshine this last two weeks.  I could use a little rest and relaxation from the hum drum of raising kids and well to be totally honest… there’s not a damn hum drum thing about it!  I’m at best, one step ahead of them at every turn and they’re gaining on me!

With kids back at school I’ve a list of “to do” items the length of my arm.  Starting with an assignment I need to finish to get into school in September.  Already I’m faced with the realization that completing an assignment is a pain in the ass with thoughts of going to school weighing heavily on my “I really loved being a stay-at-home-mom” heart.  What the hell is gonna happen next year when the kids are one step ahead of me and I’ve midterms looming?  Worse… are you freakin’ kidding me I’ll actually have midterms?

Before the shit hits the fan I need a vacation.  Either that, or there’s a good chance I’m goin’ all Sheen on you!  Oh… and if I manage to go somewhere, I’m taking the kids… I hate having any time away from them and quite frankly, there’ll be enough of that come September.