The Monkey Show…

The weekend was a blur of birthday parties and kid stuff!  My baby turned 11… and as much as I’m surprised that time is flying, from the height of her it’s hard to believe she’s not much older than she is. 

I’m growing a giant!

We headed to “The Monkey Show” to fashion our very own sock monkeys out of what I truly hope aren’t some one’s old used socks! 

The kids had a ball, stuffing and stitching… adding eyes and tails, ears and mouths.  In the end, 9 little girls and my boy walked out of the shop stuffed full of chips and cake with a new little friend they made all by themselves (with a little help from the folks running the show!)

The Monkey Show is the genius idea of Amy McLaren, mompreneur of two little boys.  All items needed for building your very own friend are stuffed into a box for you to either bring home, or make in her delightful shop where you’ll find a bright and wonderful space to work as well as every accessory your monkey will possibly need (plus candies and crafts and lots of fun things to look at!)  Ten rambunctious kids sat still for over two hours, stitching and chit chatting like a bunch of grey haired darlings at a quilting bee!  Each of them commenting on the other’s technique and style… helping pick the perfect button eyes and asking for repeated help with threading the needle.

In the end… ten new little monkeys walked out of the store but better yet… ten big monkeys with great big smiles to accompany their little friends home.

Drop into The Monkey Show at 1569 Dresden Row.  Bring your little monkey… go home with two!