Doug DeLory…

Two years ago, soon after my marriage failed, a neighbour from a few streets over pulled into my driveway, waved me into the passenger seat of his car and proceeded to tell me about his battle with Cancer.
Doug’s story is much like anyone else who faces the fight of their life… a private hell with all eyes on him.  A community surrounding him, offering what little help neighbours can do to get you through… a meal, a pie, someone to shovel your driveway or mow your lawn, pick up a few groceries or listen to your story as sometimes all that’s needed is an open ear.  Doug relayed to me his fear for his children.  How scared he was to battle this disease but how much scarier it was not to fight.  He told me how low things had gotten, just before he chose to battle back.  How he survived, how much it took out of him and how much he changed through the process.

I sat in his warm car, the music playing low as Doug told his story… then turned it to me.  He told me that all eyes were on me, that my private hell was public and I needed to hold my head up… accept the support that so many were offering as I too was facing my very own “cancer”.  He told me it was time to fight back, that what I was going through was scary to everyone we knew and it was up to me to prove to our friends how strong I was… and survive.

Doug wasn’t the first person to help me, nor was he the last but he taught me that no matter what a person is going through, whether physical or emotional… you need the support of an entire community to get you to the other side.  Each of us can offer a helping hand when times are tough and no amount of support is too small or goes unnoticed.

Join Doug DeLory and our amazing neighbourhood at Winston’s Pub and Eatery on Saturday March 5th at 6pm for Doug’s third annual fundraiser benefiting the Canadian Cancer Society.  There’ll be plenty of laughter and fabulous music including my friend… the wonderfully talented Pam Barr.  Support a great cause that has touched so many of our lives. 

With the help of family, friends and an amazing community… we can do anything.

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