Crazy for cupcakes…

It’s a non-kid weekend and last night had me curled up with my dog at ten o’clock watching two missed episodes of Modern Family before finally succumbing to sleep.  It’s been an exhausting, busy week and the night alone was just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, I dreamt of Charlie Sheen half the night on-accounta forgetting to activate the sleep button on the remote and for some reason every late night entertainment show out there decided to do hour long specials on the ass!

He’s working it. Using us. Either that… or he’s absolutely gone loopy and what a shame that some one’s breakdown is fodder for the rest of us to be entertained with.  Based on his behaviours and the asinine things he’s said… I’m leaning towards the belief that he’s hopped up on something or totally in “breakdown mode”.  Except that, I watched this un-cut segment showing a “round table discussion” Sheen was having with his team of managers, marketers and a couple of goddesses and oddly enough it seemed like they were planning his next ridiculous step.  Either that or I dreamt it which is possible so don’t take my word for any of it except that there was this “sippy cup” shrine thing that “the team” kept blessing every time they walked by it like it was holy water and everything seemed to be this big joke.  I don’t know… I was freakin’ tired.

All I do know is if I hear and see the “Bob, Max, It’s Da-Da” pump-chest-and-blow-kiss clip one more time I’m gonna blow a gasket.  Seriously.  When you’re acting like a total idiot, your kids have just been taken from you and you’re interviewed on TV… if asked if you have anything to say to your twin boys the answer is… “No… I truly hope they aren’t watching this shit show!”

Anyway, while the world is watching Sheen’s “first weekend away from his kids” I’m on weekend “crap knows how many” away from mine and no one’s running hour long specials on me!  I hate when my kids aren’t here and try to keep myself busy with things other than TV interviews and goddesses so the moment I woke from my craptacular sleep I phoned Prada.  I’d offered to help her with next week’s Ratomir Kavocevic Charity Auction so I headed over in my PJ’s and slippers… laptop in hand.  My job was to put together the silent auction sheets while she organized the items.  For pure entertainment I had her move a 5×7 rolled up wool rug to three different locations before she finally yelled at me! I can’t begin to tell you how entertaining it was!

After a number of hours of painstaking, laborious, heinous work I came home to sweep, wash my floors and clean the kitchen while receiving THREE phone calls inviting me and the kids to the opening swim at The Canada Games Center… me having to explain each time “I don’t have the kids this weekend but thanks for the call” while wanting to pound my chest and blow kisses in the air!  Seems it’s a big weekend for grand openings.  While emptying the dishwasher I got a “Tweet” that Suzie’s Shortbreads was officially open in Bayers Lake!  Dropping everything I was doing, I headed out.  Alright… I had a few other errands to do but eating a delicious cupcake was a perfect excuse to get out of the house.

Tonight, I’m heading up to Winston’s Pub and Eatery with the rest of the grown ups for Doug DeLory’s Cancer Fundraiser.  A whack of neighbours all supporting a friend who’s fought one helluva battle.  I’ll have a few drinks and laughs with a great group of friends before I come back home and curl up with dog again.  However, tonight I’ll be sure to hit the sleep timer on the remote control.

Quite frankly, I’ve had enough of this shit show!

Next weekend the kids and I are attending the auction, heading to the pool and grabbing a cupcake!  In the meantime, I wonder where I put their old sippy cups?