Pig wearing sunglasses…

Sometimes I see another Blogger’s post and get all ticked off that I didn’t think of writing it myself.

Case in point… this morning Halifax Broad posted vacation pics of her Spring Break holiday.

They aren’t the typical “here’s a palm tree”, “us on lounge chairs”, “swan made from a towel”, “us in the hot tub”, “pig wearing sunglasses”, “spectacular lobby”, “tasty buffet” vacation photos.  Nope… Cindy Schultz’s holiday pics are definitely not the ones I see popping up on every one’s facebook feed this last few weeks as I’m fighting back the desire to kick someone where the sun don’t shine.  No… her pictures are much more fascinating… more like mine.

Halifax Broad’s spectacular Spring Break vacation pictures include a photo of the men standing along the boards at the rink, one of the Zamboni driver flooding the ice, another of  the snow covered cars in the rink parking lot and the best photo of all… her plate of canteen poutine!


I wish I’d thought of it myself except I’d include a photo of my inability to get Internet connection at Martock, me slipping on the ice in front of the house wrecking my already sore hip, snow piled so high that chances are it’ll still be there mid summer, a half built puzzle on my dining room table that’s too damn hard to complete and all the money no longer in my wallet spent on gas and various activities that cost so much I may as well have taken the damn vacation.

Keep posting your holiday photos and if you’re looking for a great blog to read, head on over to Halifax Broad.  She says all the crap I’d love to say but can’t… mostly ’cause I’m wimp.  In need of a vacation and the directions on how to make a pig from a towel.  So I’ve somewhere to rest my sunglasses.

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