Debbie Travis’ Girls’ Getaway…

I had quite an exciting email exchange with my good friend Debbie Travis. For the record, I’ve decided that once you’re into your fourth email…you’re officially “good friends.” My blog…my rules.

I’ll paraphrase the conversation…and if Debbie reads this she’ll probably inform you that I paraphrased A LOT. Again, my blog…my rules!

Dear Debbie:

A fan told me about your amazing “Girls Getaway” amidst olive groves, lavender fields and organic orchards in your historic restored villa in Tuscany. I have no money…but am very deserving of the “Getaway” as I really need to get away! I should tell you that even though I’ve had some crappy luck with friends in the past, I have these incredible women in my life who I love dearly and on occasion go away with.  However, your trip to Tuscany sounds far more exciting than our weekends away in Tatamagouche! I know others pay hard earned money for this phenomenal adventure but the thing is…I have none. Please put me on a plane and I’ll write about the adventure rather than paying for it and that will be a fair trade since I’m a really awesome writer who could probably find the time between spa treatments and shopping to blog about this spectacular adventure.

Dear Queen:
WOW you’re awesome. We do really need you, however, we can’t hire you. You should come anyway! In order to make it more affordable, you can stay in a room with someone else and if you book early there’s a 10% discount. This amazing trip is seven nights in my Villa with all meals including traditional Italian breakfasts, long Tuscan lunches, gourmet dinners and famous wines of the region. It also includes excursions to vineyards, a bike tour, a design tour, hot springs, spas and so much more. There’s plenty of laughter. A full week to relax, reflect, rejuvenate and re-discover yourself. You should really come.

Dear Debbie:
Well…first of all if I’ve learned anything in the last few years it’s that I’m not really good at sharing so I probably won’t stay in a room with someone else even though I really appreciate the offer.  Also…I gather from your email that you’re not going to pull up in front of my house in a silver u-haul with your name spelled backwards and surprise me with the trip and the privilege of writing about my adventure. To be honest, I thought it was a stretch but you can’t blame a girl for trying! I had myself convinced that when you showed up to surprise me you’d also rip out a few walls and re-do a room “just because I deserve it”…I’ve the perfect wall in mind for a feature wall covering! You see Debbie…I do deserve it but doesn’t every woman? Anyway, no big deal and I totally understand and to be honest it probably wouldn’t work because I don’t know how to ride a bike. I have this “hip thing” since I was a little girl and always had trouble riding a bike which makes me sound more deserving but to be honest it’s nothing at all. I’m disappointed I won’t be going but if I pour myself a glass of wine, cozy down in a hot bubble bath, close my eyes and rest my weary head I can picture myself riding a bike in Tuscany with a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine in the basket. I’d ring my little bell as I pedalled through the countryside in an attempt to get handsome Italian men to move out of my way even though they aren’t wearing shirts and are incredibly tanned but I’d totally understand that I’m not in Tuscany to find myself my “amore” but rather to reflect on my life and find peace. I’ve looked at the video on your website and it really looks amazing! Have a fun week and thanks for the response. I’m going to dream about this for days…just the thought of it has lifted my spirits.

Dear Queen:
You should blog about it anyway. Check things out on my website and tell your fans because every woman out there should know how important it is to have a girl’s weekend away. Sometimes you need a gathering of girlfriends to help you reach your full potential…sometimes you need to cover up all the bad stuff with a bit of spackle and few coats of primer and start fresh!

Dear Debbie:
I’m on it. Did I mention me and my girlfriends go to Tatamagouche every year and I wrote a blog post about our wonderful weekend last year and how we actually solved a murder! Really we were in Malagash but no one knows where that is…not that you probably know Tatamagouche either except it became famous for the show “The Week the Women Went” and it’s also where Ron Joyce, owner of Tim Horton’s, is from even though oddly enough it’s probably the only town in Nova Scotia without a Tim Horton’s. It’s kind of ironic how things all tie together because you’re kind of doing your own “Week the Women Went” thing but  try as I might I can’t draw a relationship with Tim Horton’s coffee because you’re English and chances are you drink tea! Anyway, women need to stick together Debbie…learn from each other…support each other. I’m really glad one of my readers is joining you in July and look forward to her telling me all about her trip. I’ll write a post about your “Girls’ Getaway” and maybe more of my fans will join her…and you can tell your fans about my blog and maybe I’ll get advertisers and sponsors and next year have enough money to join you in Tuscany…and if I’m really lucky, maybe my “besties” will come with me.

Dear Queen:
You’re brilliant.

Dear Debbie:
That’s why we’re such wonderful friends.

Anyway, that’s more or less how the conversation went. If you’re like me, and cherish the time away with women…fabulous conversation, wonderful wine…life changing moments like solving murders and laughing at ridiculous things until your sides hurt and you’re rejuvenated from the inside out…check out Debbie Travis’ amazing “Girls Getaway“. I can imagine the experience is life altering. Time to think…to breathe. Time for yourself…to discover who you are…who you want to be.

I’d go…if only I could ride a bike.

6 Replies to “Debbie Travis’ Girls’ Getaway…”

  1. Ahhahaha….I love this one! And I love Debbie too! If I win the lottery soon I'll take you to Italy.

  2. I will take you with me when I go. You would awesome to travel with, and I don't want to share a room either.


  3. I think their is a serial murderer here….remember last year in Tatamagouche ladies??

    I was at Fishermans Market, did my purchase came out and there was the next dead body crushed plastic ripped out hair…I was overwhelmed..I got in my car, drove away with my smoked haddock..teary eyed..a coward..I have to much on my plate right now….so I simply drove away letting some else discover and clean up the mess..

  4. @Natalie… thanks so much. I checked out your blog and you're a great jewellery designer!

    @Andrea… great to hear from you. It's been awhile! Hope all is going well with Third Street.

    @Ticker and Raylene… we should plan the trip together. I'd share a room with either one of you.

    @Red…. hahahhahahaha. You make me laugh woman! Here's to our next trip to Malagash this summer! Love you! xx