The cold war…

Two kids home sick means Mama Bear is somewhere between a nurse and referee for the day!

Seriously, when you’re miserable enough that it hurts to even move your eyes inside your stuffed up headache filled brain, complaining every time you do your can’t-break-the-habit Bieber hair flip, how is it you can find the strength to whip your blanket at your equally miserable sister’s head?

They’re driving me nuts.  One minute curling up next to me to play with their hair, check their this-feels-too-bad-not-to-have-a-fever forehead and give them a bit of attention… the next, it’s war!  They’re fighting over who’s sicker than the other… whether one has a cold and the other has the flu… and what side of me they get to cuddle on.  Apparently I have a “good side” which ironically is my actual good side which is turning into my bad side because why is it when children cuddle up to you they inevitably manage to elbow or flatten a boob?

There are advantages to having them home together as if sick at separate times, I’d be grounded to the house for double the time… but maybe if they were a little more sick they’d just curl up in bed and leave each other alone.  That would be better.  Not that I’m wishing they were sicker.  Crap!  I just wished my kids were sicker!

I don’t remember my big brother and I fighting… oh wait… yes I do.  I can remember him pinning me down with a spit string hanging from his mouth.  Me squirming and freaking and unable to get out from in under the brute and just as the string would almost reach my face he’d suck it back in… laughing uncontrollably while I ran from the room before he’d pin me down and do it again.

Strangely enough my kids will find anything to fight about… even the dog.  I separated them in the guise of both needing rest, tucked them in with cozy blankets and pillows propped up in front of two different television sets and low and behold they’re each calling the dog into the room they’ve been assigned… the poor beast is totally confused and I’m not helping her… hell… while they’re bugging her at least they’re not bugging me!

My wonderful father ran to the supermarket and dropped over with various liquids to help hydrate the little creeps… ginger ale, popsicles, apple and orange juice, chocolate milk, Booster Juice and two different flavors of gatorade… you know they’re both going to want red!  Beyond wonderfully sweet of him but does he not remember raising two siblings a year and a half apart?  Maybe you forget over time.  One can hope.

It’s bound to be a long day in my house though oddly enough, there’s no where I’d rather be!  Thankfully I ordered Netflix a few weeks ago and the bundles of joy are curled up watching a movie while enjoying their smoothies… let’s hope it lasts awhile.

The quiet… not the flu.

One Reply to “The cold war…”

  1. "Brutish older brother"…..harumph… obviously deserved it.

    Give the kids my love.