Wing-It for Parkinsons…

Last year, a few of us put together a team and entered a chicken wing eating contest at Winston’s Pub and Eatery called “WING IT for Parkinson’s”.  Helping to raise money for Maritimer’s living with Parkinson’s Disease.  We really had no affiliation with the fundraiser whatsoever… we just liked wings… and quite frankly, Winston’s has some of the best.

It was a fun night.  Our team (which included three children… one who “didn’t like sauce” so was served her wings separately, dragging our team down as they didn’t take the “no sauce” wings into account, leaving us eating more wings than the other teams… but whatever I’m not bitter) was no competition for the meat eating university carnivores, but we had a great time.  Before we left for home we had wing sauce up to our elbows, full bellies and a new found skill of “sucking” the meat from a chicken bone.

The kids had a great time and when the pictures came out in SNAP magazine a few weeks later, they got a great charge out of it.  I blogged about the event… how Michael J. Fox is a family friend and how much he’s done to further Parkinson’s research.  It was all for a great cause but like I said… I had no connection whatsoever to the event… just thought I’d do something rather entertaining, albeit messy, with the kids.

This year… things are different.

A few weeks ago a friend told me she’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Diseases.  What started out as a small tremor in her leg (easily able to write-off as tiredness and nerves), soon turned into a tremor in her hand leading her to the doctor to ask a few questions.  It didn’t take long for them to give a diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

My friend is now one of the 119,000 people, living in Canada, who are affected with this disease… not to mention the hundreds of thousands of family and friends affected as well.

We’ve laughed, teased and carried on as only good friends will do when faced with the unknown.  On my own, I shed a few tears as I know the challenges my friend will face but the thing is… she won’t face them alone. With the support of a wonderful family and girlfriends to help her through the rough patches… she’ll do just fine.  She has a great attitude about her future as there’s great hope, that with continued research and support, they will find a cure.

Join me on Tuesday, March 29th, 6:00 at Winston’s Pub and Eatery for the second annual “Wing It for Parkinson’s“.  Check out their website for details… put together a team… come out and support a wonderful cause.

I’ll be there with a couple of kids, a plate of wings and great hope and admiration for my wonderful, talented, hilarious, fabulous friend.

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  1. And your wonderful, talented,hilarious, fabulous friend thinks your pretty cool as well. Thanks Col!