I’d like some cheese with this whine…

A few days of taking care of my sick kids and suddenly it’s my turn!

I guess it was inevitable.  A cold made its way to my house this week, driving fevers up and causing children to cough at random, neither able to cover their mouth in an attempt to restrain the germs.

They were demanding.  One taking an extra day that probably wasn’t needed despite my attempts to get her to go to school and the other pushing himself to go to the point he ended up even sicker.  Both wanting their backs scratched, meals on demand, cold cloths and juice with bendy straws.

Now it’s my turn and I want someone to take care of me!  You know, make me a cup of tea, bring me Tylenol, rub my back  I miss the days where someone would take care of me when I was feeling miser….  ummmm…. wait a minute…


I can’t recall a time I felt ill that I was taken care of as I was usually the one taking care of sick kids, myself and then heaven forbid a “man cold” would appear to top it all off!  Certainly when I lived at home my mom would take care of me and since she’d been a nurse there was nothing better than having a patient at home to practice on.  But after that… I was on my own… taking care of everyone else.

Next time I find someone I’m actually willing to be in a relationship with and I’m sick… I want to be taken care of.  Orange juice with lots of pulp… tissues with lotion.. fluffed pillows… flowers… a run to the drug store to buy anything that remotely looks like something that might make me feel better like magazines, chocolate, furry things and jewellery.  I don’t care that it’s just a wee cold and I’m feeling sorry for myself!  Hell… some sympathy and compassion would go a long way!  How about “Here’s the remote, looks like you could do with a blanket and a foot rub.”  Or “Don’t worry about cooking supper, I’ll make you something delicious.”  Or “Why don’t I take the kids out for awhile?”  Or how about “I hope you don’t have a headache ’cause I was thinking about running the vacuum when I was finished with the dishes.”  Or  “No really, your shiny red nose and chapped lips are adorable!”

Everyone, when they feel sick, wants a bit of comfort… even if it’s just a stupid, miserable, stuffed up nose.  I’ve been doing it on my own for so long I don’t think I actually know what it feels like to have someone take care of me… with the exception of my fabulous and much appreciated parents doing anything possible and finishing each phone call with “If you need us, you know where we are”.

I know.  I know where you are.  I’ll call you if I need something.  I was just… well… I was just wishing someone would rub my back… tuck me in… put a blanket on my cold feet.  You know… make me feel like I’m not in this alone.

I haven’t felt like that for a very long time.

And yes dammit… I’d like a little cheese with this whine.

One Reply to “I’d like some cheese with this whine…”

  1. Call if you need anything darling! FYI..I am now fully stocked up on laundry detergent, Febreeze and gingerale!!