Cut from the same cloth…

 My youngest and I were out for a shopping adventure, leaving the boy at home to ward off his cold.  She and I found ourselves in the unfamiliar position of having a “Mom and Daughter” day and it wasn’t long before a new pair of jeans were purchased and we were on the hunt for a new dress, earrings and a “best friend” bracelet to bring home to her dearest… all after putting her name on the hair salon’s list for a much needed trim.

We shopped til we dropped… my hip pounding but the smile on her face too fabulous to take a break from the adventure until finally her appointment arrived.  While sitting in the reception area resting my hip and reflecting on my need for a new flat iron, I saw the young man with the bleached blond Mohawk and black bangs sweeping his station and knowing we were next…  began to panic.

You see… I have the child who needs to be prepared.  Not too comfortable trying new things.  At a loss for words when asked a question… often answering with a low voice and half mumble.

From a young age she’s been this way but luckily for all of us she no longer pretends she’s a cat when placed in unfamiliar situations.  For years I’ve had to explain exactly how things might happen whether it’s a birthday party, school bingo, class trip, doctor’s appointment… anything imaginable.  I have to think one step ahead so she knows the where, the when, the who, the how… adding a few of her own thoughts and opinions of “what about this” and “what about that”.  It’s painful to prepare her for every unknown… frustrating… sometimes maddening.  It’s hard work to push her to put herself out there yet I fully understand where she comes from as sadly it’s the one trait I posses that I didn’t want any of my children to inherit.

I’d already pushed her confidence buttons by sending her to the reception desk to “check in” and she’d proudly come back telling me it would be a moment or two.  Watching Edward Scissorhands finish up his sweeping, I was suddenly faced with the realization that the idea of a “male” cutting her hair was one thing… throw in the Mohawk and I had a situation on my hands!

“I think that guy with the funky hair might be doing your trim” I said as he swept the lockes of his last client into a pile.

“Ummmm…. noooo…. the girl at the front desk said Brenda would be ready in a minute”, she confidently replied.

“You sure she didn’t say Brendan, or Brandon?”

“OH MOM” she managed to get out before she began to nestle herself into my arm in an attempt to hide as he put down his broom, checked at the front desk, then called out her name.

The look on her face was priceless!

I gathered my bags, stood up and said “Come on!” as he burst into laughter… intuitively knowing he had a shy little girl on his hands.  “Right this way my friend” he said stepping out of the way and in a most dramatic fashion, throwing his arm in the direction she should walk, leading her to his chair.

He was lovely.  I explained that she wanted the same cut he had… maybe a little less blond and a wee bit spikier!  His laughter and response of “I wouldn’t do this to anyone” put her at ease as he showed her how her hair was finally long enough to get the “side bangs” she’s been longing for… showing her how to “train” them… how to part them just right.  I left her in his very capable hands and relaxed in the waiting area until she bounced back out half an hour later… thrilled with her cut and the fact that her hair dresser was so hip and cool… not only that, but really, really nice.

It was a great day out with my little one… she’s growing up.  We’ve a long way to go to build her confidence, ditch a few fears and stand on her own…. but it’s the little things that count.  Like getting a hair cut by a guy with a Mohawk who turned out to be nothing she would have ever imagined.

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2 Replies to “Cut from the same cloth…”

  1. Such a great story! Christian had a green Mohawk on the first day of school in Grade Primary. The other kids thought it was great, the mothers not so sure they wanted the're 'angels' playing with him. Its so good for kids to learn that its not how you look but how you behave. Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a fun time! I am thinking about taking Princess Belle out for a treat to get our hair done.