Pepper and Paint…

Last year, Little-One and I met up with a few of her friends at a local restaurant for wine and lobster poutine!  It truly was a lovely night… and quite possibly the first time I realized I had room in my heart for new friends… in fact, I wrote about it the next day.  I’d had walls up for a long time and spending a few hours with these lovely women made me realize it was time to knock a few of them down (the walls… not the women.)

There was much laughter through the evening… advice asked and support given while various topics were debated with respect and admiration for each person seated at the table.  Opinions counted, in fact, they were expected.

I truly felt I was surrounded by a fabulous group of talented, creative, special women.

One of the girls, Kara, I’d known for some time… I’m a huge fan of her paintings and she’s probably the main reason I chose to go into Graphic Design… what Kara can do with a project, a theme and a mouse is inspiring.  I’ve watched her work… been amazed at her talent… and hope to follow in her footsteps.  Kara is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver.  We met while she lived around the corner from me for a few years with her beautiful daughter… however, she returned out West a few years ago.  Kara lives a wonderful life and it’s through her life story and how she sees the world that I’ve realized there’s much out there for me to discover… if I’m willing to make the journey.

Nicholetta and I became facebook friends the day after our night out and I have to say… she’s one of my favorite people to “creep” because HOLY CRAP SHE CAN COOK!!  It seems to me that Nicholetta goes from one amazing function to the next while keeping company with the most beautiful people, amazing surroundings and exquisite food… all captured in her creative photographs.  I’m thrilled and jealous the second she posts a few new shots… imagining myself at each and every party enjoying the amazing food and company.

Today, Kara and Nicholetta launched their new blog, Pepper and Paint.  Kara’s plan is to show us the creative and wonderful world through her photography while travelling and living out West.  Nicholetta will share the most amazing food creatively displayed through her lens… AND GET THIS… share the recipes!!!

I welcome these two, talented, creative and wonderful women to the blogging world… I’ll be following and can’t wait until Little-One arrives this summer for another wonderful evening together!

Prepare to be inspired!

(Oh… and remember to follow my dear friend Little-One as she blogs her photographic successes while living a world away from her wonderful friends… like me!  Miss you girl… thanks for bringing these women into my life… and see you soon.  xoxo)

Click here to see Kara and Nic’s new blog Pepper and Paint, here to see Little-One’s blog, here to follow me on Facebook and get updates when I write new posts, here to see Kara’s paintings, here to see what I wrote about last year and here to see where you can get Lobster Poutine!

2 Replies to “Pepper and Paint…”

  1. Thanks so much Colleen for the awesome post about Nic and I and our new blog. We're very excited! You're a superstar!! xo

  2. aww Colleen, thank you for making this about me too! You are so good at making people feel good.
    I love you.
    and I can't wait to get out with all of you too.
    Little One

    oh…and thanks for the reminder, I haven't posted any photos for a while..
    oops..on it later today!