Stalk and ambush…

I’ve recently been made aware that one of the most important characteristics of a cougar is their ability to accelerate quickly then pounce to catch their prey. They’re powerful, graceful and supremely adaptable…known as “stalk-and-ambush” predators.

Men are needy and in the unfortunate event where they suddenly find themselves single…they need immediate attention…ripe for the taking.

You thought I was talking about the “animal cougar” didn’t you? Well I wasn’t.

I have a plan…Casseroles! I’m currently perfecting my recipe and can honestly say I have one of the best “Italian Sausage Lasagna” recipes around…I’ve got to bone up on my “Ham and Macaroni” and quite possibly my “Shepherd’s Pie” but a few more times through the old oven of mine and I’m ready to put this plan in motion…plus if I had to, I can always fall back on the simple fact I make a mean Turkey Dinner and I’ve been invited in on the neighbourhood Dinner Club so the potential for new recipes is pretty exciting!

The plan…if a man say…in his forties, was to suddenly find himself single (I stress SINGLE) for any reason whatsoever…say his wife cheated on him or….oh, I don’t know…she fell prey to accidental poisoning…well, I’m pouncing! Casserole in hand. I’m adapting to the environment, taking care of the situation and making myself needed to the point where he really can’t see moving on without me. Stalk and Ambush…it’s brilliant!!

My friend Suzie tells me I should add something sweet to the mix (she’s married to a dental surgeon so this is REALLY good advice). I’ve got an amazing recipe for Chocolate Chips…but I think I’ll learn how to make fudge…maybe even pie!

Anyway…Cougars pounce. Good to know.

Send me your family recipes…I’ve got some work to do.

2 Replies to “Stalk and ambush…”

  1. I make killer brownies and apple pie…let me know if you ever need the recipes 🙂 Keeps my hubby happy :)…Michele

  2. loved this post! If you want recipes sister, I have loads for you! much love xoxo Nic