My brother has his own business.  It’s small… a one man show… but he’ll help you move, do yard work, fix anything broken, clean gutters, assemble things, paint and any number of odd jobs that folk find they just don’t have time for.

A big part of his business is seasonally mowing lawns and shovelling driveways and for the last two and a half years, I’ve been on the receiving end of his kindness multiple times!  In fact, just last weekend I came home from a busy day and was thrilled to find my lawn mowed.  He’s always there with a helping hand if I phone him and there is NOTHING I enjoy more than the sound of my driveway being shovelled at five o’clock in the morning… only to look out the window to discover my brother, wet and cold from shovelling eight other driveways throughout the night, taking the time to get mine cleared before heading home to grab a bit of sleep.

He doesn’t make a lot of money but he tries hard and he’s one of those people who’s just so good to others.  In saying that, sadly… he’s also one of those who gets taken advantage of… he trusts too much… sees the good in those the rest of us would toss aside.  Luckily, for a few… if he’s your friend, he’s your friend for life… he’ll move mountains for you!

On Saturday, my brother arrived at my folks’ house to do a bit of yard work.  He whipper snipped around the property then took his lawn mower (a professional one he purchased two years ago) from his truck to cut the grass… but not before grabbing a glass of water and a quick sandwich with my folks.  On heading back out… the mower was gone.

SERIOUSLY!  Some ass drove up the street, grabbed the mower and drove off!  It’s not lost on me that Saturday was Halifax’s Curbside Giveaway weekend where folks place gently used items in front of their homes with a sign stating “Free” for others to take… but a LAWNMOWER on a LAWN… WITHOUT a sign… is NOT for FREE!!!  That’s 100% STEALING and the person who took the mower knew it… removing it in broad daylight presumable with the intention that if they were caught they could say “oh sorry, thought it was a giveaway!”

One person’s selfishness… rudeness… has left my brother, who has a heart of gold just looking for someone to hand it to… currently without his mower and means of summer work.

There are awful people out there taking advantage others.

My blood is boiling.

And my grass is getting long.

5 Replies to “Grasshole…”

  1. loved the title… Grasshole… I laughed pretty hard until I read your whole blog to find out that there is literally a grA$$HOLE lawnmower thief out there… how can we readers help your bro out? hmmmm I'd be check'n kijiji as it's prolly on sale there! otherwise I'd be happy to chip in a buck or two to help him on his honest hardworking way…..

  2. Ahhhh… you're sweet! I never thought about checking Kijiji… that's quite smart. Going to check it out now in fact… and over the next few days. As far as helping him out… just let me know if you ever need a handy man (assuming you live in the area) for all those odd jobs like putting BBQ's and patio furniture together… he'll do the crap everyone else hates to do! Glad the title made you laugh… took me quite awhile to think of it… then I laughed too!!!!)

  3. Well if your brother is anything like I am picturing him to be he is probably the one least upset by this whole thing. Is he the type that figures it will all just work out somehow? I hope so and I also hope something very sweet and cool will come out of this experience. Why don't you contact the local radio station (one that has a wacko morning host)and tell them what you nick-named the mower nabber. They will get a kick out of it..and you never know just who could be listening.
    Cheers, DonnaGirl

  4. Just got this note from a friend:

    What a drag. I tried to post on your blog about the same thing happening to us last year. The boys had their street hockey gear stolen on the give-away day! They stole the pads, blocker and trapper…even though there was still a net and several sticks and balls lying all over our lawn! I think it was obvious they stole it and would have said the same thing if they got caught…thought it was a give away…buggers!

  5. Love the title, moved by the heart of your brother, however,saddened that there are people out there that whine and complain that there life is rough all the while it may just be karma.
    I think it would be a great idea to call in to a radio station…Griff and Caroline would run with this one on 96.5
    And…just maybe someone who has the ability to pass a mower on to your brother, just may want to bless him like that!