Here come’s Summer…

It’s hard to believe I cracked a beer on Tuesday and I’ve not been on here since!

The end of the school year ended with one adventure after the next.  My youngest received a “Citizenship” award from school and has been beaming proud ever since.  She pulled off straight A’s and had a remarkable year… thoroughly enjoying her teacher and looking forward to grade six.

Spiderman had a successful year… he and his friends hugged their goodbyes… welcoming summer but saddened they won’t be together again for a few months.  Oddly enough, with technology the way it is, they have the ability to stay in touch more that we ever did… so I’m sure he’ll make out just fine.

The three of us headed to Liverpool’s “Privateer Days” for the long weekend, leaving The Tall Blond at home to spend time with her friends, work a few shifts and watch over the dog.  We had a fabulous time, taking in plenty of activities and gorging ourselves on amazing food and numerous boxes of strawberries.  We spent time with family, saw a few old friends, enjoyed a great parade and a wonderful visit to the beach.

We’ve had a few days to relax, wind down, take in a few adventures and make a list of all the things we plan on doing in the next two months.  Mostly, I’m planning on soaking it all in… they’re growing too fast for this Momma to handle and the fresh air and sunshine always make them grow that much quicker!

There are a ton of adventures ahead for us… I’ve got my second wind… spent a few days decompressing and relaxing… thinking about how wonderful my three children are and how truly lucky and grateful I am.

I’ll fill you in on all of the fun as we head into Summer but for now I think I’ll put my feet up… and crack another beer!