Make your bed…

On Friday night, the kids and I headed off for our weekend adventure in Liverpool.   Along the way we stopped for a bite to eat at The Mug and Anchor in Mahone Bay… but not before visiting a few shops including Old Mader’s Wharf Emporium… filled with interesting antiques and original artwork.

Bones has a unique talent of finding something she wants in every store so I wasn’t surprised when she found the lilac colored bunk beds just begging to be purchased for her dolls to nap on!  She carefully inspected the woodwork, admired the tiny ladder, then peering at the tag was astounded to discover the piece was a mere eighteen dollars!  She had to have it!

As she excitedly hopped up and down I told my youngest she could have the treasure if she purchased it herself.  The hopping stopped.  Intent on purchasing an iPod and with eighty seven saved dollars at home, Bones suddenly found herself in the unfortunate position of having a beloved doll in desperate need of a lilac coloured, wooden bunk bed with the most adorable ladder she’d ever seen!  She was in turmoil!

I suggested we head upstairs for a bite to eat and ponder the dilemma.

Food had barely been ordered when Bones decided to purchase the doll bed… pushing back her date of iPod ownership.  Knowing the endless hours of imagination the treasured item would bring I told her she’d made the perfect decision.  We finished our meal and headed downstairs to discover the Emporium had closed!  Not in any mood to ruin our weekend or deal with the tears, I quickly told Bone’s we’d return on Sunday and we continued on with our weekend adventure. 

Sunday came and while Bones decided to spend a few extra days with her grandparents, Spiderman and I hit the highway with our instructions to  purchase the much discussed doll bed.  Before long we were back in the Emporium, heading towards the corner where we’d last left the item and there it was… gone!  A quick check with the woman at the front counter confirmed my fears… sold. 

That’s when Spiderman lost it.  Laughing his head off like a lunatic brother not paying any mind to the wrath I’d endure.  Hilariously tickled with the thought that his sister’s doll no longer had a comfy place to sleep.  Amused with the knowledge that we’d spent the weekend listening to endless chit chat about the beloved item… how the lilac color matched her room… how her doll would fit just perfect.  Unable to catch his breath or properly see for the tears pouring from his eyes I pushed him out the door as I listened to the sound of his hiccupping laughter interspersed with his “come on mom you gotta laugh… this is too funny!”

I saw no humor until I watched his smug look turn to dread as I confidently stated “We’re building doll bunk beds tomorrow!”

And that’s how we ended up walking up and down aisle after aisle of two by fours and sheets of plywood at Home Depot today… sorting out what we needed, figuring out what to do and picking the perfect paint color before arriving at my parent’s house in search of a “Project Manager” and air compressed tools where, with the help of my son and father, we completed the project.  We hit a few snags but in the end, got the bunks exactly right… possibly better.

At least I hope so.

(I’ll know for sure when I hand Bones the bill for $273.  $33 for supplies… the rest for labour!)

4 Replies to “Make your bed…”

  1. Wow, I love your chutzpah! Rather than bemoan the situation you acted upon it…your son (and daughter) will forever benefit from how you handled that. So….what was Bones reaction when she saw it?
    P.S. It's gorgeous…..and now I suddenly have an urge to paint something lilac!
    Donna B

  2. You have to be the best and most patient Mom ever!!! I am in awe of you!! …kim

  3. @Donna B… she'll see it tomorrow. I can't wait to see her reaction and see if she notices. Thanks for the compliment. Oh… and the colour really is lovely!

    @Kim… that's very sweet of you but I'm not the best with patience… I'm more about proving I can do anything! Though Spiderman says he loves that I don't curse when I work on projects… so maybe I am more patient than I think!

  4. Your post brought me many memories from my childhood….. It happened more than once that I was told to think about it and returned to find the treasure gone and lost forever. You are an amazing mom to take the time to build her dreams!!!!