The Bicycle Thief…

Last night I FINALLY went to “The Bicycle Thief“, described on their website as a “relaxed, come-as-you-are atmosphere”.  We were indeed relaxed… and definitely came as we were.   

I’d been anxious to try the popular restaurant since it first opened its doors four months ago, in fact, I’ve recommended it to numerous people though I’d not yet had the chance to go myself.  The food was FABULOUS… each morsel from every plate on the table devoured.  But today… well… I have to be completely honest… today my belly is aching!  

We arrived without reservation (don’t do that) to see if there was a table available for dinner and if not, our plan was to have a few drinks at the bar.  While there wasn’t a spot in the restaurant, the patio was available so we happily got comfy and went about perusing the glorious menu.  We weren’t long outside when Little-One got a case of the chills but in fairness to her… she HAD just been in the desert the week before so none of us could blame her for accepting the pashmina they had on hand.  Before long, the wind picked up and we were moved inside to a high table in the front entrance.  It was still in the restaurant… more like the bar… possibly meant for overflow and definitely used for Riff Raff.  Upon arrival at the table, our server removed a wooden pig wearing a black hat from its surface stating “the pig has to go” as he carried it to an unknown destination.  To be honest, I thought he was speaking about Crazy until I actually saw the piece of folk art tucked beneath his arm!

Back to my belly… well, it wasn’t the food that caused today’s discomfort… absolutely not!  The pan seared scallops with smoked chilli sauce were do die for and the fall-off-the-bone beef short ribs were not only fall-off-the-bone but unbelievably tasty.  On top of that… but for the fact that no one else was ordering dessert and I couldn’t possibly make a total hog of myself even though we were sitting at the pig’s table…  I’m quite sure the dessert would have been equally to die for!

The service… impeccable.  Alex (known for backpacking through South America but now in Halifax to study Law) was not only handsome but proved to be a lot of fun and incredibly attentive.  Alex went out of his way to take care of us throughout the evening realizing exactly what he was dealing with when he arrived at the table to find Little-One cutting the “hanger strings” from the inside of her cocktail dress with the butter knife he’d only moments before placed upon the white linen napkin.

The problem with my belly?  Well… I can’t remember a time when I laughed as hard as I laughed last night using muscles I’ve not used in years as tears rolled down my face, unable to catch my breath before the next round of laughter hit me again.  We had a ball.  The atmosphere was more than enjoyable, the food was delicious, the staff were amazing and the company was as wonderful as always.  Hakan Uluer, Manager of the Restaurant, pulled up a stool and joined in on the fun.  “We’re too loud aren’t we?” Crazy asked as Hakan sat to join us but responded with, “This is a fun place… and ladies, you obviously know how to have fun!”  Hakan was gracious and lovely and while we couldn’t tell him exactly what we’d been speaking of the moment before he arrived, he enjoyed a few laughs with us before being summoned away.

We had a great night and met numerous folks as they came and went from the bar.  There was the fellow who stepped through the door, then backed back in to raise his arm and yell a “wooooo-hooooo” commenting how enjoyable we were.  Then there was he “happily unmarried” couple from Rhode Island, in town while racing from Marblehead on their class 40 named “Toothface”… bearing the logo of the infamous Newbury Comics.  And there was Ashley, my very favorite, attentive and amazing  bartender from the Economy Shoe Shop, who I can only assume was out to celebrate the news that he’s to be a new dad!   

All in all… it was a fantastic night with a ton of laughter causing me to have an incredibly sore belly today.  Little-One phoned this morning to tell me how much fun she had at the bar last night to which I responded with “let’s get one thing clear… we were in a fancy restaurant last night… not a bar!” 

And we were sitting at the pig table!


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  1. Well that is a fantastically inspiring and positive review! And guess where I have reservations for coming up very soon?! Yup and now I look forward to going even more. I am so glad you had such a fantastic time and I am thrilled to hear the food was delicious and filling. Two of my favourite things.

    Great review! So enjoyable to read and experience the restaurant through you.