You can have your cupcake… and eat it too!

I’m being taunted by a cupcake from Susie’s Shortbreads ever since Prada arrived the other day and gave one to The Tall Blond as a celebration for getting on the Dean’s List at St. FX.

She took a bite… packaged it back in its clear container, then put it in the fridge where it’s been staring at me ever since.

It hates me… yelling obscenities from time to time as I open the fridge to grab a peach or a yogurt.  “You know you want me” it whispers… knowing my lack of willpower as its pink icing and white sprinkles stare back at me. 

Not only that… lately I’ve seen the Susie’s Mobile Cupcake Truck at every event I attend… driving around town without a care in the world for its inability to blend in as I drool like Pavlov’s dogs with each and every drive by!  (Rumor has it an Ontario cupcake company is claiming to be Canada’s first mobile truck but …. ummmmmm… have you seen the pink truck driving around, opening its window and selling cupcakes on the streets of Halifax?)


I’m throwing in the towel… heading to Bayer’s Lake… passing the dancing Cupcake Mascot and grabbing myself a tasty treat!  I might even get one for you if you let me know what you’re celebrating… I’m still celebrating the fact that The Tall Blond made the Dean’s List!! 

Everyone deserves a cupcake!  I deserve a few!!!

3 Replies to “You can have your cupcake… and eat it too!”

  1. There really should be a law against such sinful baked goods – or at the very least a support group for the addicted 😉 Enjoy!

  2. @Ordinary Day… I know… it truly should be against the law! I'll join the support group with you… as long as they served cupcakes!

  3. Hi, Susie! I live in Ontario and through a very close friend, know the person here who has "the first cupcake truck in Canada". She is getting a LOT of positive attention due to that one statement and it has been bothering my daughter and I for a bit now. I grew up in Dartmouth/ Halifax. I know you've been around for a while and I just really want to know HOW long you've been around. I also know of a few out West. I guess a person can make a statement until someone refutes it, but left to itself for a while, becomes truth in he media. Maybe it's time to send out the correction if she's building her brand on an untruth? M.