The Smurfs…

A few years ago, Bones became interested in “The Smurfs”… bringing back a ton of memories of how the little blue creatures captured my heart so many years before.

I recalled my collection of a few dozen tiny figurines and headed to the storage room to drag out a box of collectibles I’d saved with intentions of showing my kids someday… but no Smurfs could be found!

When I enquired as to their whereabouts, my grinning brother… known from this point forwards as Gargamel… told the tale of a few dozen smurfs, a shoebox, a great number of firecrackers, lighter fluid, and what amounted to a small fire and a melted blue blob.

Yesterday afternoon we hauled ourselves out of the rain and sat in the theatre with Crazy, Dish, and a row full of kids as we donned our 3D glasses to enjoy each smurfable moment.  I laughed from the moment Papa Smurf yelled “CRAZY! SOUND THE ALARM” and kept laughing through each silly comment and moment after the next.  It helped I was sitting next to Crazy… and I have a feeling I’ll be asking her to “sound the alarm” from this point forward but those little blue, three apple high, personality named creatures kept me entertained… and from the sounds of the laughter in the rest of the row… it kept our kids entertained as well.

While it had a plot similar to other animated movies with characters who always seem to get lost in New York… and it didn’t go too deep into the characters themselves (though how deep can you go into the character of a Smurf), it was full of gags and silliness which fit perfectly with the mood I was in.  I admit that I’m happy my kids are old enough to know better than use “Smurf” in place of curse words as I don’t think I’d be too thrilled to hear “Smurf me” or “Son of a Smurf” come out of my babe’s mouths anytime soon… and I pity the parents that have to deal with it in the coming weeks!  I’d be smurfing smurfed if they started telling me to smurf off!

All in all… I enjoyed myself.  I liked those little creatures when I was a kid and I kind of like when things come full circle.  Bones has a few of the figurines… and she’s interested in getting a few more.  I’m sure she’ll collect them… and someday… I’m pretty sure her brother will put them in a shoe box with a bunch of firecrackers and some lighter fluid… and  turn the entire collection into a melted blue blob.

Nothing better than nostalgia!