She sells seashells…

By the time I purchased my car today, tears were streaming from my eyes… but not like the last time.

I’ll never forget walking into Randy’s office two years ago, absolutely distraught with the idea that I was purchasing a car on my own.  Tears springing to my eyes the second I sat down across from the friend I’ve known since I was a little girl.

Me… not knowing how to deal with the fear and frustration and completely blown away by how vulnerable I felt.  He… fully supportive yet not quite sure what to do with the puddle I was turning into before his eyes.  Randy looked at me, straight faced and said… “you’re tougher than this”.

It was true.

I was tougher than I thought and from that point to now, I not only purchased a car on my own but I sat in a courtroom on three separate occasions, purchased my home, took the kids on a road trip, applied and was accepted into Graphic Design, put my signature on a divorce I never wanted, faced multiple challenges, frustrations and fears… and moved on.  Today’s purchase, while overwhelming, was easier than the purchase I made two years before… and easier than many things I’ve done in between.

Buying a car is daunting but lucky for me I have full faith in my friend who’s in the business… full faith in his salesperson, April Hart… and full faith in the many folks I’ve met at O’Regan’s on Robie… who’ve gone above and beyond since I first walked through their doors two years before.

I sat at O’Regan’s today with tears pouring from my eyes but this time they weren’t from fear.  No, this time, while sitting in April’s office waiting for Randy to “run a few numbers”, I was shown a lovely “shell” that April had been given that morning.  She asked if I’d ever smelled the “sea air” from a shell and as I took it from her hand and breathed it in, I nearly flew across the floor with the horrific scent of the rotting snail I can only assume was still inside!  I can’t remember a time I smelled something so vile and as April began to laugh… then laugh even harder… tears streaming from her eyes… I followed suit.  Partly because I was a little overwhelmed with the fact I was purchasing another car, partly because it was costing more than my insurance would cover and partly because it was just so freakin’ funny.

“You should make Randy smell that” I said through my laughter as she struggled out an “Oh God Never” and the two of us were still giggling as he arrived back with the paperwork and a look of “why are they lauging” on his face.

Just before signing, I placed the shell in front of my old friend, suggesting he smell the “sea air”.  As he breathed in the horror… the look of shock and disgust on his face mixed with the disbelief on April’s… was well worth the extra money I had to cough up to purchase the car.

I signed the agreement and as Randy stepped away from the office to take care of other business, April looked at me and said, “I never thought this shell would bring me so much joy!”

Here’s what I know… sometimes, something that looks wonderfully put together and lovely is totally messed up on the inside!  Thanks to the crowd at O’Regan’s for being there two years ago when I was messed up on the inside… and again this year when I’m a bit more put together… but still overwhelmed with the entire process.  It’s not easy to purchase a car… to know if you’re making the right decision or getting the right deal… but the folks at O’Regan’s on Robie have put me at ease not once… but twice.

Drop in to see April… she sells seashells… just don’t trust her if she asks you to smell them!