Viva las vegas…

In order for my new friend Nick to stay in the country… he needs a wife by Thursday.

He’s here on a travel Visa… enjoying his 30th year touring Canada… leaving his friends, family, house and job as an electrician in the UK to “find himself”.  It seems he did… in the middle of Commercial Street in Vancouver, Crescent in Montreal and Argyle in Halifax!

Dish and I listened to his pitiful story… then looked at our options.

I have three kids… she has two… hence, I get more child support.  My house is bigger.  My dog is tougher.  I drive a hybrid!  (This new car is gonna get me places!) She has blond hair and is younger… but only by a few years.  I write… and he likes libraries.  Plus… as an added bonus… I have some electrical work that needs attention.

So far I think I have this one but who knows… the blond hair might have me.  We’re heading to the Lower Deck this afternoon for a bit of busker viewing and music listening… ok… mostly band oggling but who can blame me when Paul Lamb and Cory Tetford hit the stage!  Chances are Nick’s joining us so we still have a few days to sort out this mess… though we do have to drive to Vegas… and find ourselves an Elvis.

Ahhh details.

Great night out with Dish last night watching the Buskers from Durty Nelly’s patio then the Shoe Shop for drinks with my fav bartender Alex (though he was either too busy to have a good chat or understandably didn’t want to ruin things with me and my new future ex husband).  The city is alive with folks enjoying the Busker Festival!  There’s plenty of sword swallowing, fire throwing, acrobatic tossing craziness going on so come on out and join me in the fun!  The festival is a wee bit like me at the moment… I’m enjoying a life full of juggling, sword swallowing, fire tossing and laughter while folks are applauding the craziness and throwing money my way… alright… no ones throwing money my way but you really should consider it!

Turns out… “Single is the new Happy”  Sorry Nick, Vegas will have to wait.

For now.