Flight of fancy…

The brochure on the table of the lounge at The Digby Pines depicted a map of a tiny town with photos from a half dozen “must see” shops.  We were on our way to Upper Clements Park and since it didn’t open until eleven… much to my children’s annoyance… I thought we’d take a detour and head into Bear River as described in the colorful pamphlet.

We stepped into “Flight of Fancy” and I was beyond thrilled the second I crossed the threshold.  Immediately I was surrounded by items I’ve admired form various craft fairs and studios around Nova Scotia… in the one place! Artists whose work I’ve purchased as gifts or for myself… gathered in this one store… displayed perfectly. 

I was in heaven.

Rob Buckland-Nicks, owner of “The Flight”, captivated my childrens’ attention by showing them interesting pieces and describing the artist and process to which an item was made.  He showed us the most amazing carved shoes created from one block of wood… laced, painted and framed… selling at a price too rich for me but oh so amazing to look at.  I was in awe of the tiny carvings just as my children were… delighted to see such talent. 

Rob showed us his own exquisite paintings of birds on stones… an artist with an eye for detail and a talent for making the stone and bird one.  My children were in awe of his studio and delighted to spend some time with him guessing the type of skull that was on the display shelf as he gave them one clue after the next.  Captivating their attention and imaginations while showing them his beautiful art.

I could have stayed in that store forever but the next thing I knew, my kids were telling me we’d been there an hour and roller coasters were awaiting.

I’ll return… soon… so I can take my time perusing the store, possibly visit a few more in the area and enjoy a lunch in the lovely cafe across the road. 

It thrills me to purchase beautiful things but with school just a month away… I’m holding out until I’m fully on my feet again.  I enjoy the pieces I have around me and hope it won’t be long again before I can fill my house with the things I find and love.  To me… being in a space with inspiring art is heaven.  I can only imagine the satisfaction that Rob must feel.  No wonder visiting “The Flight” was so enjoyable… he truly was happy in a beautiful place! 

“Flight of Fancy” and Rob Buckland-Nicks can be found in Bear River, Nova Scotia.  Exit 24 off Highway 101… about two and a half hours from Halifax and well worth the trip!