Bite this…

The box containing my new Mac Book Pro has officially been cracked and loaded with software while  various pictures with ridiculous effects have been taken using the “Photo Booth”.

The damn thing sat on my table for two weeks taunting me.  Purchased from the lengthy list of “school supplies” as a requirement for the Graphic Design program at NSCC… everyone shocked that it continued to sit there… sealed… in its cardboard tomb.

It’s not that I wasn’t thrilled to have it… in fact, I was more than thrilled not to have to haul out my own Visa (as my parents gave me a “certificate” to the Apple Store for my birthday) while I explained to my father how lucky he was that I was graciously providing him with 2,700 Aerogold Points!  It’s not every day that happens!

No… I’m thrilled my parents purchased my computer… still… it sat there while I kept checking things off my to-do list and insisting I simply didn’t have time to take a moment and open the box.  Fact is… I didn’t want to open it.

I guess I’m kind of wrapped up in “I can’t believe I have to go back to school!”  It took me awhile to get past not believing I was getting a divorce either… that stage of “grieving” was the longest for me to process so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised this is taking forever as well!

On top of that… I’m a die hard PC user… coming from an IT background, teaching folks how to use the computer and various software packages for years and working for IBM.  I feel like I’m cheating!

Everyone tells me school will be great for me and I truly believe it will… it’s just taking awhile to get my head around it.  They also tell me “once you go Mac you never go back” and I guess that’s yet to be seen. It’s just that… well… you already know I’m not real good with change… but here goes.  I’m writing this post from the new computer!  It’s pretty, the screen’s big and bright and so far I haven’t hit any keys wrong so I guess it’s going well so far with the exception that I can’t find Ctrl, Home, End or Alt keys and on top of that there’s no right click and for the life of me they’ve made the Delete key work like Backspace key and how are you supposed to delete forwards rather than backwards?

I haven’t transferred my files over yet… or my email… but in time I’ll settle into this just like I did everything else.

First step… cracking open the box.  Took me a few years with my divorce… this thing only took two weeks!

PS… There’s no image because I can’t figure out where I saved the damn thing but if you’re wondering it’s an apple with a bite out of it… hence the title “Bite this….”  (Which sounds totally ridiculous without the image!)