Flea Bag…

Yesterday morning had me spraying every surface in my house with an anti-flea chemical and feeding my noble beast a pill disguised as a cheese slice… forcing the annoying varmint to jump from their warm cosy host onto the the white tiled floor. All the while… the pup’s ears were pinned to her head with the most pathetic look on her precious bulldog face I’ve yet to see. She was embarrassed, yet seemingly thankful, as a total of five fleas leaped to their death onto my hall floor.

Or is it leapt.

Until yesterday I’d not battled fleas before.  Admittedly… it wasn’t a battle as it was far from an infestation… I think… I hope… but if it wasn’t for a row of bites on Spiderman’s arm I’d probably not have realized anything was going on.  Then the dog started scratching her face and well… one plus one is two and it went from there.

Spiderman… well he scratched too but the marks are almost gone and…. ok… I feel super guilty but if you have to know I also have two bites on my leg and mine burst forth in an allergic reaction so my guilt is a little lessened in that he didn’t have a reaction and continues to insist on sleeping with the dog. But I won’t let him. On top of that… he kind of likes the cool pattern they left!

Fleas aren’t the only thing I’ve battled this week. After coughing endlessly for days on end… unable to get a full nights sleep… I finally went to the doctor and was put on both antibiotics and a puffer for pneumonia. Third time in a year! The week of antibiotics is over and I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time… with the exception of a vile taste in my mouth from the medication which I’ve discovered can be removed by drinking beer. Then again… maybe it’s from the chemical I sprayed in the house… regardless, beer seems to be doing the trick and the cold can is greatly helping with swelling from the flea bites!

Other than fleas and pneumonia… I’ve been busy with school. I’m deep in the throws of learning Adobe Illustrator and I’m suddenly profoundly sympathetic to the numerous folks I’ve tried to teach various software programs to!  It’s not easy trying to take your brain from its cobwebby state and produce something half intelligent… I could try to blame it on the anti-flea spray but honestly… it’s just me!  Then again… Rome wasn’t built in a day which is ironic as for “Type Class” I’m trying to draw trailing ivy on the capital letter “I” which, while it wasn’t my intention, looks like a Roman column… well not really… much as I try it’s looking more like Roman Ruins.

Maybe I could tell my instructor the fleas attacked my homework!  Oddly enough… with the awesome trail they left on my kids arm… I have a feeling they could do a better job!