Show time…

On Sunday I was somewhere between woofing my cookies and passing out.

Bones, however, was in her glory.

Perched on top of her favourite pony with a smile even brighter than the gleam in her eye…both of them…more than thrilled to be competing at the Todd Hill Farm equestrian show…rode the ring in the Equitation, Poles and Cross Rail events.

I can’t help it. Much as I try, the feeling of my daughter on a horse totally overwhelms me. However, as ill as I feel, as many butterflies that take flight inside my stomach, as often as I have to haul myself to the port-o-potty…there are two things I know. She can’t get enough of it …and it’s exactly what I want for her.

Riding has given Bones confidence, control and pure joy. A bad day can be erased the second she arrives at the barn as there is nothing in this world she loves more.

So…on Sunday I spent much of the day feeling miserable…right up to the minute when she finished her final event…and I could tell her how absolutely proud of her I am!!