Blast off…

Yesterday I drew a rocket ship!

I admit… it wasn’t the best rocket… in fact… not even close. However, considering I’m totally new to Adobe Illustrator and am not exactly great at drawing on paper let alone on the computer… I was pretty thrilled with the end result!

I drew shiny bits and shadows and rivets and used some crazy “mesh” tool to define colors!  I feathered and “lowed” the gradient fill and made some kind of a mask thingy that took part of something away but I’m not really sure exactly what happened ’cause I didn’t understand what the instructions were saying as I was quite frankly too excited about adding a window to go back and try it again!

Six weeks ago I wasn’t sure I’d get to the point of actually liking being back at school and yesterday… for the entire day… I drew a rocket ship!  It wasn’t daunting, frustrating or aggravating… it was completely and entirely FUN and in the process… I learned quite a few things about a program that’s been wreaking havoc on my head since I started!

This week I’m making a vintage travel poster, a logo depicting a cat and a bird and a website using Dreamweaver.  Its taken six weeks but my friends… it’s finally happened… I’m having an absolute BLAST!!!

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