Driving to Orlando…

I’m driving to Orlando with my kids this week!

Everything is planned. We’ll pick The Tall Blond up on the way, stay on site for a few days then relax at Crazy’s house in Kissimmee! We’ll swim, take in a few shows and go to every single theme park without a care in the world for how much it costs! We’ll check out the Harry Potter stuff and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that was closed the last time we went. We’ll see Tinkerbell and Mickey…stay up late and watch the parades…visit Downtown Disney…laugh, shop and have an absolute blast!

I seriously can’t believe the excitement of driving to Orlando except that….ummmmm…wait a minute…I’m not driving “TO” Orlando this week…I’m driving “AN” Orlando this week.


Well…on the upside, I’m driving an awesome new 2012 GM Orlando courtesy of GM. Apparently they want my opinion which BELIEVE ME…would be so much better if they threw in a trip to Disney!

I’ve had the car for a couple of days and I gotta tell you…they’ll be hard pressed to get the thing back! On arriving home the other day…there it was…sitting in my driveway all new and shiny, just willing me to get inside and hit the road! I grabbed the kids and headed out, tossing aside the Malibu Hybrid that only last month I’d fallen madly in love with…ruined now by the yet to be discarded Tim Horton’s cups in the multiple cup holders, the various bits of garbage strewn on the floor in desperate need of a shop vac and the much accumulated layer of dust on the dashboard.

I’ve a new car to drive and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this…out with the old…in with the new!

We hit the road, opened the sun roof and turned up the tunes!

So far so good…give me another day or two to really get a feel for it and I’ll have a lot more to say! In the meantime, I’m checking into flights to Florida. I suddenly have a great desire to gather my kids, head down a roller coaster and scream to my hearts content!

Things have been a little smooth sailing lately and this mamma’s hankerin’ for a brand new adventure!

Orlando style.

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  1. Testing a car out is fun, and what better way to test a car than a road trip? It's fun for the whole family, and it's a hands-on approach to truly see what the car is made of, not only in performance, also but in design. The inside of the car is going to contain an excited family, after all!