Orlando… blog two…

The horn works!!!

Thing is… the one thing I really dislike about the 2012 GM Orlando I’m driving is it’s not mine!  With that… I worry that something could happen while it’s on my watch!

It’s new and shiny and the car that decided to suddenly pull out in front of me this afternoon… seemingly not seeing me or the bright white car I was driving… put my heart into full panic mode. It caused me to hit the horn and the person cutting me off to flip me the bird!

It’s not the first time I’ve worried about the car that’s been entrusted to me.  Yesterday I parked far away from all of the other vehicles in the rink’s parking lot for fear of…. oh… I don’t know… stray keys going down the side of the beautiful paint job and folks that neither park straight nor keep their car doors from swinging wildly! In my attempt to keep it safe… I parked close to an open field which, when I came out of hockey, had turned into the place where folks decided to play a game of football! Lucky for me it was a “nerf” football and it barely made a sound as it bounced across the sunroof!!

The other day… while getting on the highway… a truck missing a mudflap flicked a stone up on my windshield! Can you seriously imagine me calling Oregan’s with a “sorry your windshield is cracked all to pieces” or better yet… say nothing at all until I drop it off with a “cracked windshield? Yeah it was like that when you gave it to me!”

With the exception of my fear of wrecking this lovely new car… it’s a treat to drive and it’s causing heads to turn! Seriously… I’ve actually had a few people stop to ask me what it is and I even popped the hood for some guy to look at the engine!  At least I think it was the engine… I’m more interested in cup holders and new car smells!

So far I’m really enjoying the ride… I’m compiling a list of likes and dislikes so stay tuned!  In the meantime… cross your fingers I get it back in one piece!