Shopping bag…

What’s this world coming to when I turn down a day of shopping?

While I clearly could have done with the outing, I’m trying hard not to over schedule myself… what with the blog, school, kids, housework, hockey,  homework, riding and various emergencies that pop up on a daily basis… there’s not a whole lot of “me time” left!  In fact, I’m even finding that on the weekends when I don’t have kids I’m either too tired to head out with the girls or too busy catching up on whatever I didn’t do during the week!  I thought about it… I did… but a shopping trip would have put me back a couple of hours and I really needed to get a few things done… like say… laundry!!

Mom and I wanted to head to Margolian’s yesterday to find bargains for Christmas! On my way through Truro, between riding and hockey on Sunday, myself and the kids dropped in so we could browse around the wonderful department store and check the place out. I was quite surprised that the “closing out sale” had already begun as just last week it was announced that Margolian’s, a landmark since 1923, would be closing in January and to be totally honest… I thought someone else would come in and scoop it up! Sadly, it’s not to be and the store, that’s been a staple in central Nova Scotia for many years, is coming to an end.

I managed to grab a few deals and would really like to get back to have a good look.  I’d tell you what I purchased but The Tall Blond reads my blog on occasion and I plan on sticking my finds under the tree!  (Note to The Tall Blond: the stuff can’t be returned!)

Things are changing… Margolian’s has faced a great number of challenges over the last few years and with new stores in town, taking the attention away from the tried and true, it’s on its final days.  I get it… really… I do!  Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep something going, no matter how many renovations, how good your customer service, how stable you are or how many people think you’re wonderful… sometimes it’s not meant to be.

Like yesterday’s shopping adventure… just not meant to be!