Wah wah wah…..

Lately, when I come in here, I feel like all I do is complain which is ironic as I’m greatly enjoying my life and to be honest, can’t remember a time when it’s been so full.

Which is the problem.

Give me a moment would you…

I’m tired. I’m sore. I have a chest infection that wouldn’t go away and absolutely hate the taste of the puffer they put me on. I’ve spent so much time with my doctor that I think we’re officially in a relationship.  I ran out of clean laundry and up until a few days ago, was too busy to drag it down to the basement and turn it on. I used to feel really young but now that I’m spending every day with twenty seven young people, I feel so old it’s not even funny. My skin, for some unknown reason, keeps tingling and is driving me absolutely insane. My lips are chapped. I miss The Tall Blond and worry about how she’s doing. There’s potential for me to create something magnificent at school but I just can’t seem to pull it off. My house is an absolute wreck. Three of us are sharing one brush because we can’t find the others but in my search, I found four deodorants and a twenty dollar bill. I’m busy from the moment I wake up until the moment I finally fall into bed at the end of the night and I can’t seem to get my head to rest to actually have a good night’s sleep. Everything is getting done “half assed” with the exception of housework which isn’t getting done at all. I miss Crazy and Gib and Prada and for the first time in our friendships feel like I am totally out of the loop. It’s time to get winter tires on my car and I’m not sure if the new ones I bought last year will fit the new car I got in August. I need to open the pile of mail sitting on my counter but oddly enough… I’m afraid of it. Last night I actually fed my kids frozen, microwavable, mashed potatoes and the worst part of it is… they liked them. Spiderman made the volleyball team and while I’m thrilled for him… my first thought was “how the hell am I going to fit that in!” My hair needs to be colored. My brows need to be waxed. My tub needs to be bleached. The caulking I thought I did such a great job on this summer is peeling off… but the one Spiderman did is just fine. After wearing my Chuck Taylor’s to clean out paddocks, I threw them in the washer and dryer last night and now the front rubber thing is super shiny making me look like a total dork… as if I didn’t look like a dork wearing Chuck Taylor’s to begin with. There are things I need to return but I’ve no time to fit it in and I think it’s actually past time to do it. My oven is still broken and I haven’t heard back as to whether or not they can fix it and I really want to bake cupcakes with Bones and cook a massive roast beef for Sunday dinner. I have nothing but condiments and eggs in my fridge so if you drop by unexpectedly and it’s mealtime… expect something disgusting. I don’t have time to chat on the phone, say hi to my neighbours, or take the dog for a much needed walk.

I think that’s it.

Actually it’s not.. but I need to grab a shower so I can get to class on time and then there’s riding, a school dance, a trip to the mall for the kids to get their father a birthday gift and finally bed… so I can get up and not get it all done again tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.  That’s all I needed.

One Reply to “Wah wah wah…..”

  1. You are a BUSY Lady ! But from where I'm sitting you are pulling it off beautifully ! Your kids are happy and so are you and really….isn't that the real goal.
    You Rock ,Girl! xoxo