Damn Elf…

It started with the sugar angel. The Damn Elf, tipped over the sugar bowl and made a mess on the kitchen counter… but the kids got a kick out of it!

I’d seen it online a few days before… this “Elf on a Shelf” tradition where a “naughty elf” watches over the children, getting himself into trouble and blaming it on the kids who are trying so hard to be good in the days leading up to Santa’s arrival.

My elf is a wee bit more special… the tiny character lived on our tree when I was a little girl and last year, when I opened a gift from my brother, there he was.

Next time I’ll be a little more careful about what I ask for! Like possibly a proper camera so I didn’t have to take all these photos with my Blackberry (hahahahahahah…. yes, I still have a Blackberry!)

We woke up the next morning to discover the tree had been TP’d! The Damn Elf… partway down the tree with a stupid smile on his plastic face! I’m not a fan of garland but toilet paper was just insulting!

After that, he taped The Tall Blonde’s door shut, getting tied up in the tape and stuck to the door himself!

Considering she’d been downtown the night before… this one made me laugh.

Unfortunately for me, The Tall Blonde saw the tape when she opened the door and didn’t get stuck as I’d imagined she would. Instead, she chose to duck in and out of her room repeatedly throughout the morning… until one time she forgot and the Damn Elf got her after all!!

The next day, Bones decided she really hated the Elf!

On arriving home from her father’s, she discovered he’d wreaked havoc on her “always perfectly set up” horse toys. He turned stalls upside down, took apart the fencing and paddocks and caused the sheep to seek refuge on top of the horse trailer.

As if that wasn’t enough, he jumped on one of her horses and took off with a fat pig!

Bones has since put it all back together and made me promise to have a chat with the Elf next year!

Spiderman thought he got away without damage… until the next morning when he discovered the Elf had take a permanent marker to his photo in the entry hall.

“That’s just rude” was all he said with a wee grin on his face.

In hindsight, I wish the elf had used a “dry erase” marker.

All in all… the kids seemed to have an enjoyable time with this new adventure that will most likely turn into a tradition in our home… each of them waking in the morning, anxious to discover what the Elf had done during the night

Until the last morning…

When they discovered he’d taken down the stockings… and replaced them with their skivvy’s.

The Damn Elf, happily swinging from a bright pink bra!

3 Replies to “Damn Elf…”

  1. OK – This blog (well all of them do) but this one had me ROARING! We had an elf – Jolly – who every morning the kids ran downstairs to find out where he was hiding. They were very sad to see him go back with Santa on Christmas Eve. Our elf wasn't into the mischief…yet… LOL