Oh Christmas Tree…

The tree is coming down!

Fact is, I put the thing up too early but I wanted it there for a party I had on the 10th and while I wanted it up early, sadly, I wasn’t ready for it to come down! Then again, had I waited a day longer, I’d probably have a visit from the Halifax Fire Department and based on their calendar this year… it honestly might have been a nice treat!

Except for the fire part!

On Christmas Eve, I give each of my children ornaments to reflect something about their year. The idea is that when they move out on their own, they can take their pile of ornaments and start a tree of their own… full of memories. As I pack them away each year, I write a note on the box the ornament comes in explaining what it means and the year it was given. My tree is filled with sweet, funny, sentimental and sometimes ridiculous stories.

The Tall Blond has a “brush and hairdryer”ornament for the numerous times she styles her hair, multiple “ballerina” ornaments for her years of dancing, an “out of control skier” for the time she went straight down the hill, a “Volkswagen bug” because she’s always wanted one and a “sock monkey” for her love of her smiley friend Timothy.

For Spiderman there’s the “fireman dog” for the year he was terrified of firetrucks, “Monsters Inc.” for his favorite childhood movie, a “Hummer” for the year that Hummers first came to the car dealerships and he called them “hummer dingers”, various hockey ornaments for his pure love of the sport and a “Spiderman” because… well… because he wove that web around my heart so many years before.
For Bones there’s a “Millennium Swan” celebrating the year she was born, “Dora and Boots” for her favorite childhood characters, a teeny tiny “Tinkerbell” for the year she stood in Tinkerbell’s cottage in Disney… absolutely enthralled by the tiny little fairy she swore she saw, a “pull toy duck” for the toy she dragged around constantly behind her and numerous horses for her love of riding.
And that’s just a few.

This year The Tall Blond got a St. FX ornament, Bones got a “Santa playing Saxophone” and Spiderman a “cellphone”. 
My tree has my very first pair of booties and rattle from when I was a baby, the three children’s pacifiers from when they were small (five for Bones who always had one in her mouth and two in each hand) and pretty crocheted bells that were on the tables at my cousin’s wedding. It’s filled with stories… ornaments my children made or that were given to me by my parents, grandparents and various friends and relatives through the years. Each meaning so very much to me.

This year, Gib gave me a clear ball filled with sea glass representing our girls’ weekends in Malagash and Crazy gave me a “Cheers” ornament… complete with a button that, when pressed, plays “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”.  

I love my tree and all the stories that make up my life! Today, I packed them all away… but they’re never far from thought.

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