Over the last few days, I’ve put a lot of thought into what my “New Year’s Resolutions” will be.

Yes…I plan on losing weight, gossiping less, learning something new, walking more, making time for family and friends, organizing my life and saving money…but that’s just the standard stuff that everyone works on.

Alright…I have no intention of gossiping less.

The fact is…things are pretty OK with me. Not fabulous, not perfect, not everything I want to be…but when I take a hard look at the last year, I have to admit, things are pretty OK.

New Year’s Eve is a day of reflection. Unfortunately for me…it’s a day that comes with a great amount of pain and I’m left each year reflecting on more than just the 365 days that came before it. Yesterday, in the middle of so much fun, I had a complete meltdown before I could shake my head and move on with my day.

But I did. Like so many meltdowns before… I moved on.

As each year passes…I whine a little less, I’m happier than the one before, I’m finding my “own thing,” enjoying life, dreaming big, kissing again and loving the people who surround me.

New Year’s is a time to start fresh…turn the page…get further away from that thing that haunts you, but makes you who you are. It’s about making goals and dreaming big. Reflecting on the past and learning from your mistakes. Making a commitment to yourself to try a little harder, shake a bad habit or finish a long forgotten project.

I’m a work in progress…my own little project! Things are pretty OK right now but by this time next year…it’ll be that much better.

That’s my resolution.

That, and maybe… gossip just a wee bit less!

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