Living the dream…

Last night, I had a brief visit with an old friend… running into him for a moment… but thrilled to see him nevertheless. We shared a quick embrace and a few sweet words before he promised he’d be back soon.

I was in a hurry.

CA had to pick up her husband at a restaurant on the other side of the bridge and Prada, Gib and I were going along for the adventure. Part-way across, I told CA she was driving too fast and as she turned to tell us where we were going and why she was in such a rush… not looking at the road ahead… the car catapulted over the un-guardrailed side of the bridge, flew through the air and landed in the water below.

As Prada removed her high heals to beat the windows out of the sinking car… I awoke.

But not before I panicked about my kids.

A bit of research on dreams this morning had me recognizing that my life is out of control, I’m not in the driver’s seat and things are moving far too fast. On the other hand, despite missing a few key figures, my girlfriends seem to be along for the ride!

Yesterday I returned to school. With my heart pounding I parked the car and sat by the water on the other side of the bridge… partially panicked but not as bad as I’d been in September when I had no idea what was ahead. The emails from the previous two days had classmates commenting how they couldn’t wait to see one another and while I like them… a lot… I just wasn’t feeling it! Christmas was amazing… time with friends and loved ones… two weeks of being at home with the three people I adore most in this world and I simply wasn’t ready for it to end…  but here we go!

To being out of control, to not being in the drivers seat, to things moving way too fast and to friends who are always along for the ride!

There’s no time to slow down… there’s a whole world out there waiting… and I’m driving in the right direction… albeit it a little out of control!

What are you dreaming about lately?

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  1. Ahahhahaha….you had me sucked into believing the story at first! ahahhahaha…good post