This little piggy…

Yesterday, I broke the bank.


It fell off the table, hit the floor and exploded into a million little pieces. One of them causing a small (though I’ll gladly take your pity) gash across top of my foot making wearing shoes a little uncomfortable.

I cried! Yup… like a baby. Not because of the gash on my foot but because I really liked the little pig bank with the silver crown on his wee piggy head.

And because it’s been a rough few days.

The stomach flu hit me last Wednesday and I’ve been knocked out ever since. I’ve spent so much time in bed that my memory foam created a deep indent in my king sized mattress making me believe it would never forget.

I missed three days of school, two hockey games (one where Spiderman had a “hat trick”), a full weekend of homework, Podcamp Halifax and a cocktail party in honour of St. FX’s President, Dr. Sean Riley, as he’s just been appointed the Order of Canada. On top of that, I near did myself in yesterday clearing my driveway and were it not for the men in the neighbourhood arriving with shovels, I’d probably still be laying atop the fresh fallen snow in a million little pieces.

With a crown upon my head.

Like the pig.

Not that I’m a pig.

Alright whatever…  I’m a bit of a pig!

Today I managed to get some groceries (HA!… this little pig went to market) and completed one of four homework assignments. I’ve been stuck in the house for days (HA!… this little pig stayed home) so Gib called to invite me over for a roast dinner (HA!… this little pig had roast beef) but I just wasn’t up to it (HA!… this little pig had none).

Here’s hoping for a better week ahead.

One that doesn’t have me hugging the porcelain bowl…

Cleaning up a porcelain pig…

Or crying… the whole way home.

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