Flying solo…

At one point today… all three of my children will be in the air!

The Tall Blonde is headed on a “trip of a lifetime” to Shanghai while Bones and Spiderman are on their way home from a ten day trip to Florida… overnighting in Jersey before I’ll see them tomorrow.

Does it bother me? No…. not really… ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I’m somewhere between panic and puking! On the bright side, should the earth implode today in some Mayan freak event that started with the death of Dick Clarke.. my kids are safe. Not sure where they’ll land mind you… but they’ll be safe!

It’s not easy having a heart that lives outside your body! For the last few days it’s been on a roller-coaster of ups and downs, fast speeds and vertical drops. I’m exhausted… on edge… and just when I’m about to get the two youngest home, the eldest jet sets off on an adventure that begins with a FOURTEEN HOUR PLANE RIDE!

Nah…. it doesn’t bother me at all! Except for the fact that… well… I hate airplanes and anything to do with my children not being near me but I’m tough, I’m strong, I’m… oh shut up already… I’m sick of that saying!


I’ll tell you what I am… I’m uptight… and will be until all six of my childrens’ feet are firmly planted on solid ground.

And even then… not until they’re home.