I am your Faaatttheeerrrrrr….

Luuuke… I am your Faatttherrrr…

That’s what the email I received today said.

OK… not really… it was more like “Queeeeennnn…. I am your Godddd Faaattherrr”… but it rang with the same sentiment as the breathy Darth Vader telling the handsome Luke Skywalker the wonderful news. Without the light-saber battle-to-the-death attack.

It wasn’t a surprise to me.

From the time I was a small girl I’d heard stories of my Godfather… my own father making him into a “legend” with reports of their antics as Boy Scouts, tales of eating dozens of fried eggs and their misadventure of sneaking onto an empty airplane and playing with the plane’s buttons until air traffic control were chasing them off the tarmac and through the woods.

On top of that… there’s the “tiara”.

It resides in my bathroom (along with other things I get a kick out of)… rescued when I was little girl from a box of items from his family home. Growing up, I thought they were brilliant diamonds and my Godfather was rich and fancy like “Daddy Warbucks” in Little Orphan Annie.

Alright… if I were being 100% honest… lets just say I’ve danced in front of the mirror in that sparkly headpiece on numerous occasions(and that was just last week).

Today, I received an email telling me he’d had a peek at my blog… and was proud of my successes. He told me of his own Godfather… who sent him $5 every birthday and Christmas from the time he was a little boy. How five dollars was so much money. How happy he was to receive it!

I did the math.

43 years times $10 per year equals $430 but taking into account the difference between $5 in the 40’s and $5 currently and I’m guessing I’m in for about $345,600… give or take a few cents!

Except that I have a Tiara… and a Legend… and a re-discovered Godfather.

And it didn’t take a light-saber fight to find out!

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  1. I found you on the NS blogger section of Infomonkey (I think, I've been googling NS bloggers all day trying to find some good local bloggers). I hope you don't mind if I read a bit. I see you know Shelagh (Alice in Paris), she's a wonderful lady and a fav blogger of mine too.