Root Canal…

I first met Grahame Usher when I was 22.

I was working at Granite Springs Golf Club as “Membership Co-ordinator,” Graham was one of the Board Members on a crazy ride of building a beautiful golf course and clubhouse from scratch! It was an exciting time for all involved… seeing a dream become reality.

While working there… I became pregnant with The Tall Blonde and the folks I met during that time hold a special place in my heart… their support and encouragement meant the world to me. Grahame was a new Dad at the time and was all too willing to help out… often bringing me a piece of cheesecake from a favourite diner on his way in to tee off! It’s because of him that I gained at least twenty of the pounds I gained!

So… when I was told I’d need a root canal… it was Usher who got the call.

WAIT… I should back this up for one moment! One of my very dear friends, Glenn Anderson, is also an Endodontist in Halifax but the thing is… I’m TERRIFIED of dentists… often having panic attacks in the stupid reclining dental chair!! Much as I’ve been told by several people that Glenn is amazing and he even suggested he could customize a cone to put around my neck just as they did for my sweet dog when she had surgery on her paw last month… I simply couldn’t let my childhood friend see what a freakish, nervous, panicky wimp I was!!! (Though, to be honest, I think he already knows!)

Anyway, I met with Dr. Usher in a lovely pre-root-canal meeting where we discussed my options and swapped stories about our kids… then booked my dreaded root canal for today.

I was a wreck… slept little last night with dreams of a great number of disasters so much that finally, I popped a “happy pill” to relax me before heading to his office for an 8am start where the staff were great and the room I entered was warm and friendly! I swear, they must have known I was coming as on the door was a sign that said “Queen Bee!” Alright… it probably meant something entirely different, but it settled me just a little as I positioned myself in the chair, curled my toes and awaited the torturous procedure ahead while wishing I’d taken a second pill.

Grahame got to work and next thing I knew… while I was waiting in the chair for the horror to happen… it was over! Ummmm….. helllooooo…. people?? What’s so bad about a root canal? It was NOTHING… seriously, absolutely, unequivocally one of the easiest procedures I’ve ever been through in my life! Maybe at one point they were a painful process but all those statements you keep making of “I’d rather __ FILL IN BLANK HERE __ than have a root canal” fell on deaf ears today with the realization that IT DOESN’T HURT!! There’s nothing to it! EASY PEASY!

My jaw is a bit tender from holding it open, my toes a bit sore from keeping them curled, my lips a wee dry from who knows what and I’m feeling quite tired from lack of sleep last night not to mention an “Ativan Hangover” so strong I wouldn’t dear step into the bath for fear of slipping and hitting my head a la Whitney Houston but ROOT CANALS DON’T HURT!!!  There was a moment or two when I realized there was a different sensation than I was used to but at NO POINT did I feel uncomfortable or did it hurt (except when I got the bill)!

I’m sure there are exceptions… that complications arise… but honestly, everyone makes it sound like they’re the most dreadful procedure on the face of the earth and I gotta tell you differently! If you’ve never had a root canal before and are dreading the procedure… DON’T!!!

I’m currently sporting a temporary filling and will visit my dentist next week to get that fixed and I swear… I’m not going to be a wimp about it!! I’ve had quite enough of being scared of the dentist… past events don’t determine future ones!

Seriously… compared to some of the stuff I’ve been through… I’ll happily take a root canal any day!

PS – Thanks Glenn, for messaging and asking how I made out today! Oh… and I didn’t need a cone!!!!

3 Replies to “Root Canal…”

  1. Great post! At least everyone will now be convinced that root canals are not really that difficult a procedure.

  2. I’m glad that you were able to overcome your fear of dentists! A lot of people think that going to the dentist is no fun. One way to overcome this anxiety is to find a good dentist. A good dentist means someone who is not only reputed to have skill and experience, but also someone who is good in making patients comfortable and at ease. If you already have one, talk to him and don’t hesitate to voice out your fears.

  3. Thanks guys… hopefully folks will find my post when searching about the procedure. Feel free to share it… I really was taken back about how pain-free it was!