Somethin’ about a boy with a guitar…

I told Spiderman he needs to have another activity. While I’m not entirely sure where I’ll find the time to fit it in… part of me is preparing him for the inevitable fact that he won’t play in the NHL… and needs a Plan-B!
He picked guitar. Guitar AND hockey! Surely he’ll be breaking hearts as there’s just somethin’ endearing about a boy with a guitar.
I’ve listened to two new CD releases this week…

Cory Tetford (my friend from the Lower Deck who amazes me each and every time he belts out “Georgia”) is currently hitting the roads and touring with Alan Doyle as Doyle promotes his brand new solo CD “Boy on Bridge“.

The other day, with my feet up, trying to listen to the doctors requests to “rest and relax”… I turned on the TV and was absolutely thrilled to find Cory on the Marilyn Dennis Show. He was singing and playing backup for “Where the Nightingales Sing”… one of the prettiest songs I’ve heard in quite some time.

I’ve repeatedly listened to each track on Doyle’s CD as he plays one tune after the next with his various musical friends. He’s searching for his sound and to be honest… I can’t decide which I like best. I’m used to the hearty, raucous music of Great Big Sea which easily slips through in a few of the tracks… but the vulnerable, melodic ballad of “Love While Loves Awake” and the sweet lyrics of “Lover’s Hands” are like nothing I’ve heard from Doyle before. Throw in the fact that Russell Crowe is a co-writer on a few of my favourite songs and I’m beyond smitten! In fact, each time I listen, I find myself melting over the long haired boy from Petty Harbour faster than an iceberg on a summers’ day.

Add to the fact that I’m wrapped up in Doyle… Jon Bryant’s new CD “What Takes You” was released this week and between the two… I’m a gigantic puddle.

Bryant is a Halifax local boy… on the music scene for multiple years with awards and nominations in his back pocket. His melancholic voice is absolutely captivating in “Souls of Manhattan” and his song “Ontario” reminds me that we each have a journey to take… even if we can’t bare to leave where we were. Each song… written to perfection and played with skill… his faith shining through… simply warms my heart.

Two CD releases this week from local boys (local in the fact that Doyle is from the province I was born and Bryant from the province I was raised) have me captivated with their amazing sound.

I suggest you pick up both CDs and while you’re at it… John Mayer’s new CD came out this week and don’t get me started on him!!

Both Bryant and Doyle are currently on tour promoting their new CDs. They’ll both be playing in Halifax on June 9th at 8pm… Bryant at The Company House and Doyle at Casino Nova Scotia with Dustin Bentall. Me… I’m trying to figure out how I can clone myself to catch both shows… or maybe I can get one of the boys to give me a private concert! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Seriously… I have to find me a boy with a guitar! There’s just somethin’ about the way they play…

3 Replies to “Somethin’ about a boy with a guitar…”

  1. You don't want a boy with a guitar. They are fun when you are in your 20's and want to be at the bar..then you have kids and reality sets in. It's a hard schedule to have when you have a family. Not to mention the groupies that think your man is a Super Hero.

  2. I want him to play guitar… but not be good enough that there are fans and groupies involved!! Mind you… my experience is that even a man without a guitar gathers groupies that think they're a SuperHero! Pretty much how I lost mine!